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01 Jul, 2009

Many ideas have been created from the minds of Northwest snowboard bums, but few of those continue on to progress into existence.  The story of Casual Industrees comes from the Mt Baker snowboard bum living and wanting clothing designs that represented the northwest shredder.  

Wa Brah 2.0 T-shirt

What started from two brothers (Dan and Brendan) living the Mt Baker shredding dream by selling shirts from their car in the Baker parking lot, has now become something more with the ability to create their own products straight out of Washington.  Products that speak to snowboarders and also share a love for a location, while also being made in Washington.

Casual Industrees continues to be sold at snowboard shops, retail shops and their online store.  They’ve started to branch out to incorporate other regions into their designs and expanding their softgoods to shredders outside of the NW.  The designs that solidify the love of shredding, those precious moments on the chairlift as we wait to ride.

At SIA 2009, they came out swinging with their line of t-shirts, hoodies and accessories for men and women.  A multi-hundred company hidden between multi-more corporations, they continued to dominate and I had friends coming home with Casual Industrees apparel and actually wearing them.

Casual Industrees features t-shirts, hoodies and accessories for men and women with various signature designs representing the NW to designs that just style themselves for the mountain living.  The most popular design is the Wa Brah featuring Washington state, split with sun rays and a ninja at the helm.  Instead of creating designs for the future, they create designs for now like their F the Economy t-shirt that you can’t miss and speaks volumes on what matters most.  My personal favorite designs are the chairlift t-shirts.

F the Economy T-shirt

My thoughts exactly.

It’s no wonder my closet continues to grow with the brand especially from trips to Evo and they continue to be my favorite brand as I check out the new designs they create.  Despite continuous washings and dryings they have held up and miraculously are the softest shirt I own, but they also represent designs and a NW pride.  

Sporting Casual Industrees in Whistler

Today the brothers are still creating t-shirts out of their West Seattle home, they’ve persevered through the changing times and have made the leap to a brand at SIA (not to go unnoticed for a small NW company).  This winter I had the opportunity to run into Dan at Stevens Pass, getting his shred on and continuing the passion but now in better clothes.  

To check out the rest of Casual Industrees line, hit up their website and check out the latest from evogear offering up discounts.  Their Brahg pumps out bloggy content on what they are up to, whose wearing their clothes and what is coming out soon.  I’m just counting down the days till I purchase my next t-shirt that’ll last a long time.

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