A lunch date with Yobeat

15 Aug, 2009

Yobeat is back and stronger than ever, their online presence makes pros squirm in their seats and the industry wonder with amazement.  The quote from Almost Famous, “be honest and unmerciful” reminds me of Yobeat who in snowboarding does just that.  They bring out the honesty, the fun and the ability to not take snowboarding too seriously.

Located in Portland, Oregon you could drive by Yobeat without ever knowing it.  They are located above a Vegan bakery that helps mask the smell of honesty that comes out from the office daily.

I visited the office on Wednesday for a lunchtime rendevous to check out the office and see what goes on at Yobeat.  Jared Sourney and Brooke Geery were hard at work, cranking out the latest articles/info on snowboarding.

All set for snowboarders to get photo shoots

Brooke working it up, she’s got all the angles covered with two monitors

Inside Yobeat is even a waiting area which is stocked with magazines and with vegan coffee downstairs it’s perfect for relaxation.

Jared cranking out the latest Art

Brooke told me that down the road was amazing $1 corndogs and $1 PBR’s so we headed there for lunch and met up with some Dew Tour bmx pros in town.   The corndogs and tallboys were awesome at lunch, definitely a highlight for food during the trip.

The guys playing with their I-phones

BMX parking job

Thanks to Yobeat for taking some time to let me check out the office!

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  1. curious
    August 15, 2009

    just curious, can they afford the rent and get some monney from the website?
    the reason of my question is because yobeat is awesome, but it is still a very small website! just checked the google ad planner figures about’em, it’s scarily small!

    i loved the freestyle skiing feature anyway 🙂

  2. jb
    August 18, 2009

    I have no insight what so ever into the yobeat financials or inner workings but they do a great job of producing somehting pretty unique in a well cloned industry. Somebody should pour Brooke a tall glass of awesome for doing what she’s done with Yobeat.