Rome gloves MFR up in 09-10

26 Aug, 2009

Marie-France Roy’s breakout roles in Rom’es Any Means and No Correct Way have earned her snowboarding honors.  She continues to progress women’s snowboarding by setting her own standards for Rome’s women’s products and sets the example of making it look good without following the girly trends.  For the 2009-2010 season, MFR is pushing women’s snowboarding with a pro model glove by Rome with a stamp of approval and designed for women who step beyond the “classical girly look.”

Bill Byrnes of BBPR says the gloves are, “called The MFR and is Marie’s custom designed glove.  Synthetic leather palm, grippy, nose wipe and MFR approved.”  With MFR currently in Argentina following winter around the globe, I set out to find her thoughts on the upcoming Rome MFR glove.

Shay: Congrats on your pro MFR gloves! What type of riders are you hoping will rock your gloves this season?
MFR:  Thanks! I hope all types of riders will be stoked on it. I respect all kinds of riding. Rails, jumps, powder, halfpipe… its all so fun.

Shay: What was the one feature your MFR pro model gloves needed to have?
MFR:  I wanted a quality glove that is badass.

Shay: How’d you decide on the drawings/artwork featured on the gloves?
MFR: Well its all team work with the designers at Rome. Shawn Dumont is the main guys I worked with for this one and he killed it. I just told him what I’m into, that I didnt want the classical flower girly look and then he started throwing ideas and then I liked it right away. He really killed it and I love it.

Shay:  Thanks MFR for checking in!  I’ll be keeping an eye out for these gloves as they hit the shelves this winter, some girls aren’t meant to follow the flowery girly look…but give snowboarding their own taste of style and MFR does just that.

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