Windell’s Camp: Day 1

05 Aug, 2009

I’ve been anxiously awaiting coming to Windell’s Camp all summer for session 7 and I am finally out here.  Today was the arrival day for camp, which meant a day of travel for me to get from Steamboat Springs, Colorado to Portland, Oregon. I left Steamboat last night, stayed in summit county and my friends drove me to Denver this morning.  I stopped at Never Summer to grab boards for the flight and made my way to the airport to head west for snowboard camp at Windell’s.

I’ve been updating my twitter with picture and quick thoughts as the travels at Hood continue on.  I made it out with my snowboard bag, travel bag and backpack.  The best part about my luggage is in a world of black luggage, mine just has style and color which is so nice at airports to spot easily.

When I knew I was coming to camp, my friend Bruce was also up for coming to camp and even though he think he’s old (39) he is here to progress on his freestyle tricks as well.  The car ride from Portland we talked about what we wanted to work on, so it’ll be great to see how we do by the end of camp.

The last time I was at Windell’s Camp it was 1997 and they were in a different location, so this is my first time checking out the location down the highway.  I must say I’ve seen many photos of the camp, but seeing it in person is rad.

We’re both in the adult camp which is separate from the kids camp, we have our own house and activities but we can also have fun at the main camp.  Once we arrived we took the tour, got dinner and got to meet some other adult campers who traveled from a good mix of various places.

I gotta say camp food may be camp food but for me it’s a luxury, I didn’t realize it today but having fruit punch and a variety of options for dinner was something I enjoy.

Today was pretty chill, getting familiar with the camp and what to expect.  We have 24 adult campers in our group, each with our own stories and ideas for progression this camp session and I think it’ll be a great week.

The BOB that I’ve seen in the videos from the contests this summer and Windell’s updates. Lots of kids enjoying it on arrival day.

After dinner, we met up for orientation in with all the staff and campers to get familiar with free gear and meeting our coaches.

Tomorrow is the first day on snow for Windell’s Camp and it’s time to get the gear ready.  Bruce is riding the new Park Pickle and I’ll be riding the Evo for the day.  Really looking forward to how I progress at camp and documenting the whole experience in the blog.

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