Windell’s Camp: Day 2

06 Aug, 2009

Arrived at Windell’s Camp yesterday, slept great last night in my bunk bed and woke up early today for the first day on snow.  We have 24 adult campers, split into 3 groups with 3 coaches for the entire camp.  I’m in the intermediate group, with a good mix of riders working on their rail skills.

Heading to the mountain to ride

Bruce and myself

With the hot temperatures that Oregon endured last week, there was a good amount of melting snow but the mountain is still rideable and the Windell’s park set up has a great mix of rails, jumps and the halfpipe.

We spent the morning making laps on Palmer, getting warmed up and then making laps through the public park.  It felt really good to be back in the halfpipe again and I can’t wait to get some pointers on my halfpipe riding but rails are still my priority to learn for camp.

I couldn’t resist doing a couple stickers on the mountain.

The weather today was a lot colder than it had been previously, I wore my monster jacket most of the day.  It wasn’t the typical summer sesh at Hood but it kept us nice and cooled down for the day.

We spent the afternoon riding the box rail right above the jump line and next to the tow rope so if we wanted to ride down we could just ride the tow rope back up.  It was fun, I worked on 50/50’s on a rail longer that I’m used to and trying to go into a boardslide.  I did get a tail press so that was fun.

Coach Moss showing his skills

Jon on the box rail

We ended the day with the walk down the parking lot and heading back to the camp.  It was a much needed hot tub session when we got back to the camp.

Being an adult camper is quite interesting, the kids think cause you’re an adult that you know everything (quite true) and you get to spend the majority of the day around adults on snow and off snow just hanging out.  We have some rad adult campers, Eddie Wall Sr is here for camp and he’s got some skills on the rails, plus Julie whose daughter wrote the winning essay for camp is here in adult camp.   Just a cool variety of people around the world here, hanging out.

Tonight we packed into the van for Mexican dinner, plenty of drinks and good times outside of camp.  As you can see by this time Bruce had bought the first shot of Tequila.

Kenny and Bruce.

Kenny (K-mart) is our adult “host” which means he takes care of us, drives us where we want (like beer runs) and is the best DD ever plus he has some great stories.

So I had thought that my new Vans Veil’s were broken in so that I could ride them here at Windell’s but I found out today that was not the case.  I had put my custom footbeds into them before bringing them here but forgot to try them on.  From the bus ride to the mountain, my feet were numb.  I ended up taking out the footbeds and riding without footbeds for most of the day (not a good idea).  So tonight I figured I could swing by the Windell’s demo area to check out what boots they had.

I ended up grabbing the new Bonfire women’s geo boots to ride for tomorrow, good fit on my feet and super comfortable trying them on.

Ended the night with a bonfire with beer and now computer time before heading to bed.

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  1. burritosandsnow
    August 06, 2009

    ive always wondered about the adult camp .. specifically how ” cool ” it is .. meaning like is everyone still trying to get rad? Ill be 38 this season but im still progressing and learning new stuff. Basically I just didnt want to go to adult camp and wish I was with the kid camp lol… like you guys talk dvd’s and all that? .. and what seems to be the age range? Good to see youre having a blast though man im jealous!

  2. Shay
    August 06, 2009

    Hey Burrito, I was definitely curious to. You hear a lot about the kids side of Windell’s which is more popular but the adult camp has a good amount of adults that come out to progress their riding.

    I just added some pics from the nights activities for adults to the post. Basically we have a house off “campus” that lets us be away from the camp, bunk bed style rooms but with a rad living space, couches, pool table, hot tub. It’s more laid back being an adult camper, we are adults after all. We can go over to the camp to skate or do the usual camp activities but we also have adult activities. We have separate buses to the mountain so we can be just adults. We have the fridge stocked with beer and everyone has taken turns buying the beer, it’s a good environment definitely. Ages range from 18 to 55 I believe, I think we have mostly 20-30 year olds, people that work hard and want to come out and progress at camp. Mix of skill levels, some good at rails, others good at pipe, or jumps.

    So far I think it’s rad and cool. I wish I could have come here as a super young kid to learn how to skate/bmx but as an adult it’s still sweet, we ride and get to play when we get off the mountain. And everyone is really into snowboarding, we just had mexican dinner with some great conversations about riding and it’s rad to be in a place with other adults who really care about riding. And right now we’re drinking beer and watching snowboard videos.

  3. August 07, 2009

    welcome to my home mtn! imagine it in the winter…

  4. August 07, 2009

    Wheee that looks like a lot of fun!

    I would be so intimidated to do a camp I think… but it sounds like a great way to improve your skills!

    I find the biggest problem with my riding is I don’t take time to progress because I’m so busy focusing on taking photos and videos. I really wish I had signed up for a camp now..

    Hope you’re having fun! 🙂

  5. a
    August 07, 2009

    Don’t forget my cobra dog and huckleberry shake, you should see if you can find berto (laurens coach) I told him you were there and he said he’d keep a eye out for ya! We miss you shay, and hope you’re having a good time and gettin your learn on!

  6. August 07, 2009

    Nice Timbuk, I used to live in Rhody in the summers…good mountain for sure.

    Vancity, it is a lot of fun! You know I thought I would be intimidated but I’m actually not. Normally just stepping into a park and dropping into the line is intimidating but here everyone is learning and pushing each other. I’ve had some great feedback, compliments and props for riding so far which helps me want to do better. I have set aside the good camera for most of camp, but I try to bring it out when I can. I’m here to work on riding and also document the experience so it’s not so much about getting the best shot.

    A, I did run into Berto the first day at the public pipe and said hi!

  7. Pam
    August 08, 2009

    Shay, this looks so fun. I too, always wondered about adult camp. I’ve been eying one for so long, maybe next year.

    Just like my AASI clinics, everyone seems to be super stoked on progression. That’s what I love. I might feel a little intimidated on the first day, but that would pass quickly like it does when I go to clinics.

    And that demo center, oh man, awesome.

  8. August 09, 2009

    Timbuk, that mountain doesn’t have a park in the winter, palmer is closed, u have to take a chair right by all the camp rails and boxes sitting lonely not set up! Come to colorado!! But I do have to admit the natural terrian is sick, the gully and all the little cornice jumps and that run that goes all the way to govy at the end of the day is fun! But man its way different in the winter, I’ll ride it in the summer but I love park too much to stay for a winter. I love skibowl waaay more!

  9. August 10, 2009

    ski bowl and timberline are the best…fusion pass is the best value on the mtn. but timberline doesn’t even run palmer during the winter. too much snow (the poles are only half out and the lift houseis buried) but they offer free cat rides all the time when the weather permits. and the park they have during the winter is as good as any ive ever seen, way better than ski bowl! (but ive never been to CO.) but ski bowl is the best for steeps or when it dumps.

  10. gags
    August 13, 2009

    yeah K mart!

    Shay i am way jealous, but you know my Summer program….I split up what I love….ice hockey for the cold feel and mtn biking for the adreanaline.

    travel safe!