Windell’s Camp: Day 4

08 Aug, 2009

Despite a late night Sushi dinner with all the adult campers, today was the 3rd day on snow at Windell’s Camp.  It was also the first bluebird day of the camp for us with hotter temperatures than expected.  I did come back with a red lower half of the face, not a bad burn but definitely more sun than expected with 30 SPF.

Reed is the head coach here at Windell’s and he also runs Ink Monstr who makes my shayboarder stickers. Here’s him about to eat my face.

Riding the chairlift, boots dangling above rocks and dirt.

Rie and myself on the chairlift

The morning warm-up was a couple laps down Palmer and a lap through the public pipe where I ran into Steph out visiting from Park City.

Then we headed to the Windell’s park and dropped off our bags on the way to the halfpipe.  The new tow rope has been next to the jump line making lapping the jumps super easy and a popular choice.

I opted to ride the Infinity-R today which was a good choice in the halfpipe but also some adjustment since I was used to riding the evo in the pipe.  I felt a lot better today in the halfpipe, didn’t go as big but my riding looked smoother especially when I watched the videos at video review after camp.

Adam was on hand to record the film

One of the girls in the pipe was just killing it, obviously a pro and it was Molly Aguirre who was super fun to watch and very nice.

The airbag was up today at the very end of the pipe, it was insane to watch and offered up the chance to pull huge airs in the pipe and land in a big pillow.  I am hoping I can hit it tomorrow, get enough air and do the one-hit to at least try it, hoping of course.

Kaiser from POW Gloves was up today, always a pleasure to see him and he just rips so I got some shots of him.  He was nice enough to give me shockers to replace my old gloves I’m rocking.

At camp we get to make packed lunches everyday to bring up on the mountain but they do have digger dogs which are $5 for two hot dogs and a can of soda and at lunchtime…digger dogs are tasty.

Chase the digger was cooking them up today.

After lunch and lots of hiking pipe, we headed to the small jump for the class to work on spins and grabs.  I got out the good camera to get some shots since I’m not tempted to jump at all.

Coach Logan’s nose grab off the small jump

Unfortunately today we lost some adult campers to injuries, it happens and it’s part of snowboarding especially when trying to stomp tricks.  Beth went out with a broken wrist from putting her hands down on the jump landing and Dan went out with a broken ankle from the small jump, landing and catching an edge.  Jon messed up his ankle as well and is currently at the hospital but he was able to ride down.

The end of the day while getting the gear ready there was a photoshoot going on with a gap feature.

Tonight is the portland club night for the adult campers but I’m skipping out on it to attend a BBQ at Kaiser’s place in town.  I’m not much of a clubber anyway so glad to stay in town.

I stopped by the demo tent tonight to grab new board and bindings to try out since I have them here.  I ended up taking out the Burton Easy Living and Burton Escapade bindings for tomorrow so we shall see how they do!

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  1. August 08, 2009

    Burton Escapades are my all around favorite bindings…you’ll have to let me know how you like them.

  2. August 09, 2009

    I’ve ridden them before, one of my top bindings to ride for women and a favorite. Took some adjustment this morning to get them dialed.

  3. August 10, 2009

    haha molly… she’s funny. I met her at a coffeeshop in Mammoth and she was all like, “OH I KNOW SIGN LANGUAGE!!!!!!!!! My… name.. is… m-o-l-l-y!” haha she is a sweet girl

  4. Rico
    September 26, 2010

    I know’s this is a superlate response. Do you know by any chance what pants Adam’s wearing Shay?

  5. September 28, 2010

    Rico, I asked Adam about those pants. He said they are Section pants from like 3 years ago, not sure on the name though.