Windell’s Camp: Day 5

09 Aug, 2009

Enjoyed a good BBQ at Kaiser’s last night for good grub, beer and horseshoes that didn’t keep me up too late.  It felt really good to get a good nights sleep last night and be up early again for on snow at Windell’s Camp.

Today was the first day of the last session at HCSC so Mt Hood for busier with snowboarders.  I was happy that they started since I knew a couple people at HCSC either coaching or being a camper so I was able to meet up them and say hey.

Riding above the clouds

It is day 4 on the slopes and riding all day, pushing yourself definitely starts to hit you.  I’ve been the most sore here than I have ever been from snowboarding so we start every day with stretches before hitting the slopes.  It was another warm, hot day on the mountain when the clouds cleared and the rocks are out on the mountain.

Yesterday Kaiser gave me new Shocker gloves, much needed since I only brought out one pair of spring gloves.

We started out the morning on the three jump line that the tow rope is next to in the park.  It makes for easy quick riding through the jumps and I got my good camera out to get some shots of the riders.  Eddie Wall Sr had mentioned he didn’t have any, so I tried to get a worthy shot for him to take home.

Eddie Wall Sr



Sitting on the rocks enjoying lunch

I took out the Burton Easy Living and Burton Escapade bindings for the day, a good choice on the bindings and for most of the day I enjoyed the easy living but when it came time to work on presses on the dance box, I had a harder time pressing that board than my evo.  Definitely worked me to get the press on.  I did work on getting my boardslides down.

Sessioning Red Bull Dance Box – Boardslide from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

After spending the afternoon on the dance box where I worked on boardslides, tail presses and trying to get the balls to try spinning we then headed to the public pipe to end the day with some laps through there.

I made my way down ahead of the group and ended up hiking out with Todd Richards who is in town for his signature session at HCSC.  Todd’s such a great guy and I was stoked to get to see him while we’re both at Mt Hood.

Adult campers waiting in the parking lot to head home

I shot this of a guy in the parking lot waiting for his van to open.  To me it signifies Hood, dirty wet snowboard feet and tiredness from riding hard all day.

Myself at Windell’s

I never imagined how much fun I would have at camp and connecting with people that I met just a couple days ago.  I feel a lot better about my riding but also looking forward to tomorrow when I can push myself even more on snow.

We ended the day with a adult dinner at the Edgefield Manor in Gresham with tons of laughter while eating.

Rome Van

Kenny our host explaining to our group about the manor

The Edgefield Manor

Kudos to our injured adult riders for doing 1080’s (well almost)


Our group at dinner

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  1. August 10, 2009

    yeah boardslide!! get it girl!

  2. Brek Leines
    August 10, 2009

    I was there that day!!! Hella fun. To bad the public park sucked haha

  3. Dave
    August 10, 2009

    HAHAHA!!! LOVING the new gloves. Best idea for a glove ever?… … i’d say so lol

  4. August 12, 2009

    Lauren, yep getting them better now!

    Brek, nice you were up there that day! We made some laps through public pipe so maybe I rode by you!

    Dave, the best gloves ever!