Year in Review: Shop Purchases

01 Aug, 2009

During the 08-09 season, I would check out the snowboard shops when it came to buying gear when I needed or wanted specific products to add to my collection.  Each time I would look for the product, what shops carried it, compare prices/shipping and make the purchase when I felt confident about it.  Although the majority of my purchases were online, I did try to buy locally if they carried it and did buy locally for one product.

I tried to branch out this season to new shops I hadn’t purchased from yet, in previous years I’ve purchased from evo, Dogfunk/backcountry and Wave Rave.  I also look for shops with a reputation in customer service, accountable inventory and a good return policy.

Here’s a look at what I purchased and where I purchased from during the 08-09 season.


Dogfunk is head of the class for online snowboard shops; they keep up their shop with current inventory, they offer discount codes and keep the consumer informed through their many newsletters that hit the email inbox.

When it came time to purchase my 08-09 686 Snaggletooth jacket, Dogfunk was the shop willing to order the limited edition jackets (thank you shop buyer!) and James from the Burton Community was nice enough to share a discount code that made the price affordable so I could buy it in December.

The Click

I barely made it through the season with my 2 year old 686 pants so as the season winded down, I knew it was time to purchase new pants. I went for my local shop in Steamboat Springs, The Click where Philip holds down the fort.  The staff is always nice and for a small shop, they have a good assortment of brands and sizes.  Plus they do their online shop as well.

I went into the shop a couple times to check out what pants were still in stock, in my size and ended up heading back with my jackets to see how they did in full outerwear mode.  With Philip’s input, I went and purchased Analog bright red pants while the pants were on their summer sale at a great price.


Since the first time I looked at Ashbury goggles, the stars frame always caught my eye and was the frame I wanted.  As the season ended, I decided to pass on my Ashbury rust red goggles to my friend K so he could have them and purchase the stars frame for myself.  I always feel better when I can support a company than by asking for handouts, but sometimes I need to wait till it’s affordable.

Porters had the Ashbury stars frame in stock in June and I figured as my birthday present it was time to buy them.  They were discounted to $58 which was half off the original price and I picked them up as quickly as I could at that price.


The big chain store of outdoor sports, I know.  For the first time in probably 10 years I talked my mom into buying me snowboard gear for my birthday, my rome boots were shot and I needed new boots bad.  I went online and showed my mom exactly which boots, what size I wore and got the boots for a good price and she knew she was buying from a store she knew of which was comfortable for her.

The bonus was I have a boot that is my perfect fit boot and that’s was the Vans Omni Focus now the Vans Veil.


As a consumer sierra does a really good job of making snowboarding affordable, whether that’s good for the companies is another question.  I had received a $20 gift certificate last summer and saved it up waiting for the right time to spend it.  I ended up getting the Smith Heiress’s which were discounted to $33 plus my gift certificate made them only $13 from my pocket.

I had been eyeing up a photographer backpack since January, just watching stores online and seeing what was around locally.  I wasn’t looking for one brand either, I was kind of mixed between Dakine and Burton but also open to other options but I kept waiting and watching the online stores.  Finally sierra marked their backpacks to 70% off which meant the Burton Zoompack was $39 instead of $135 and I knew that was the best deal I could find so I bought it.

Company Shops


Gotta give credit to C3 for setting up a good online shop and sending out frankenbindings that people want.  I occasionally purchase a capita t-shirt or beanie as gifts when I need to and I always like the posters of C3 artwork that you can pick up.

Casual Industrees

Even though I can buy their products at evo or other shops, I picked up a couple t-shirts recently that were only at the Casual Industrees store and for a good price, discounted and in the sizes I wanted.

I might have purchased from more stores that I unable to remember at this time.  I’ll add them if I think of any I forgot.

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