Absinthe “Neverland” premiere in Denver

27 Sep, 2009

Last night was the Denver stop of the Absinthe Sphere of Influence tour in Colorado, with enough word on the street for people to check out this film it was sold out and needed an additional theatre to keep the party going on two screens.

I made my way down to Denver to see Neverland for the 2nd time on the big screen and met up with Gags and Justin to watch the film.  Thanks to Joshua and Drew for all their hard work on the film tours.  Unfortunately a couple friends didn’t make it because they heard the show was sold out.  In the rush to get to Denver, I forgot my camera battery so didn’t take as many shots with my blackberry.


It was my first time hitting up a premiere in two locations and getting a sense for the different vibes at each one.  Beaver Creek was by far my favorite, the opera house was ideal for premiering a movie and the vibe was great, everyone was really into it.  Denver was a bit different, I’ve never seen so many people get up for bathroom breaks during a 40 minute film in my life but some people were really into it.  The Starz Center didn’t hold justice to the film but I was still stoked to make it and check it out.

Now that I’ve watched the film twice, I’m tuning into the more technical parts of the film with each rider.  I’ll still be purchasing the film and playing back the favorite parts.  Obviously Travis Rice has an amazing part, his riding is just up there on a different level but his part is hilarious because of the intro with the horse and himself.  Carter shares the section and goes right after Rice which is a hard hard part to follow but he does it and while his riding is limited in the film it’s still solid.  Cale Zima shows you who he is and how much fun/painful snowboarding is to him, the best crashes and still throws down. The other thing that got pointed out and noticed was Annie’s cliff drop was the same as Romaine’s which I was even more stoked on!

After the film plenty of people stuck around to get autographs from the riders and plenty of photo opportunities were taken.

Last night I skipped the afterparty, mostly due to lack of sleep from the night before and wanting to be home today without being hungover.  It’s always good to be home after a long weekend of fun!

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  1. JT
    September 27, 2009

    Was a blast to hang, and the film was insanity.. I’ll definitely be purchasing it as well.

  2. Drew
    September 27, 2009

    hey all,

    thanks for making it out to the denver show again – always a pleasure to work with you and i hope to see you again next year!!


  3. Gags
    September 28, 2009

    Justin always puts out the best of the season…consistently! It ain’t just a video, it’s a film (people please support them and buy it don’t rip it).

    The last 10 plus years Absinthe sets the bar other filmakers aspire to. Great to see you again Shay & JT….get some rest!

  4. October 01, 2009

    I can’t WAIT to see this… hurry up and come out on DVD at local shops! 🙂