YES BBQ & Absinthe “Neverland” premiere in Beaver Creek

26 Sep, 2009

A couple weeks ago I received an invite to come to a BBQ before the Absinthe premiere in Beaver Creek and since then I’ve been counting down the days till yesterday.  I made the trek down to Vail/Beaver Creek to attend a YES BBQ at DCP’s house and check out the Absinthe Neverland premiere in Beaver Creek.  It was great to carpool down with Philip from the Click and his friend Jerry.

The BBQ had plenty of drinks, beer and food for everyone.  There were a variety of local industry and shop people there to check out the YES line, talk snowboarding with DCP and the Absinthe crew.  Huge thanks to Joe for inviting me and giving me the opportunity to talk with DCP, Dan Brisse and Justin Hostynek in such a chill environment.  It was great to meet everyone and just talk snowboarding.

Two YES boards were on hand to check out, the green 154cm was the giveaway board at the premiere later that evening.

One of the highlights among many at the BBQ was meeting DCP’s wife, Megan Pischke Porcheron and discussing her venture the “Retreat Yourself” women’s getaway that her and Barrett Christy (among others) put on in January at Vail.

Joe Timlin was the grillmaster and he’s the Colorado rep for YES.

The BBQ went on for the afternoon with lots of time to meet everyone, talk with various shop employees from the area and hang out.

Dan Brisse and Philip listening to a conversation

Around 7pm we got word that it was time to head to the premiere at Beaver Creek, plenty of carpool action to the premiere and everyone stoked to see it on the big screen.  We had a mix of people at the BBQ that had seen it and some that hadn’t yet.  I had already seen it, but seeing it on the big screen with a crowd of snowboarders is always much more fun.

Before the film, myself and DCP

The Beaver Creek premiere had a great showing, packed theatre and plenty of applause and support during the film.

Justin Hostynek was on stage to introduce Neverland

Absinthe continues to push out great snowboard films, Neverland is no exception to that.  It’s got an amazing lineup of riders this year, the YES team holds it down with their individual styles, Dan Brisse just kills it and my favorite is his roof/road gap, Travis Rice makes horses fun and Bode Merrill ends the show with a section that you won’t forget.  The ladies Annie and MFR step up the game for female riders and show what women can do…ride & charge as hard as the men.

The green 154cm YES board was given away when DCP asked the crowd who skate or rode their bike to the event and two guys came up to go head to head to win the board.  The winner was a guy who guessed an environmental question.  I have a picture below of him taking his new YES board for a spin on the bike.

After the premiere, Dan Brisse and DCP signed autographs.  I made sure to get two posters signed for my own personal collection.  I was able to meet a couple people that know me as Shayboarder, Tom who came up to me after the film (good luck in your move to Seattle!) and a couple I knew from my days were sitting right next to me during the film.

The winner of the YES board was getting it ready to bicycle home with it.  It does pay off to more environmentally friendly.

We first hit up the Coyote Cafe for a smaller afterparty with the Absinthe guys and eventually made our way to Loaded Joe’s for the big afterparty with MFM dj’ing.  Plenty of beats and drinks to keep the party going into the morning and luckily we were able to crash with a friend nearby.

Photo:  Terry Ratzlaff

I carpooled back to Steamboat today and now about to hit the road to Denver for the 2nd Absinthe premiere in Denver that I”ll be attending with friends.

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  1. September 26, 2009

    haha holy shit that bike pic is awesome!!

  2. JT
    September 27, 2009

    What an awesome showing!

  3. Bdawg
    September 27, 2009

    Do you have any info on when & where the YES boards will be available in the US?

  4. September 27, 2009

    Definitely a great showing!

    Bdawg, I asked Joe the CO rep about where and when, his response was “We are compiling a list of shops, but for now I would say that, milos, and possibly active will do online sales, plus shops in each region. Otherwise, is pretty much running with the limited graphics for sale. The boards are hitting the US right now, so they should be available very soon.”

    I’ll keep a look out for them online as well!

  5. Gags
    September 28, 2009

    Is that Kurt O who won the board?

    Yeah homie!

  6. October 30, 2009

    Bdawg, I got wind that Colorado boarder has the YES boards up for sale now.