2009 Industry Profiles comes to an end

08 Oct, 2009

The 2009 Industry Profiles composed of 36 individuals, from June to October every Tuesday and Thursday in an interview series that showcased various jobs within the industry.  Over 30 companies were represented this year from the smallest to the largest.

Industry Profiles came out of a need to fill the summer void but also to go behind the scenes and interview people who impact snowboarding from those who work at shops to those who run companies.  Some of them you may have never heard of, but they might design the products you use on the mountain and others you might be very familiar with their names but have never known their story.  The end result is a long interview where you see which jobs allow more riding days, what background experience has helped them into their roles and what their thoughts are on the current issues.

A huge thanks to everyone who participated and who shared their story this summer!  Each time I received an Industry Profile, it was rad to see how each person shared or interpreted the questions and their own thoughts (not the companies) on what they do.

If you know of anyone or have heard of a name in snowboarding that you would like to be part of this interview, leave a comment or send me an email shayboarder@gmail.com because I’m already searching for next summer’s 2010 Industry Profiles.

Here are the 2009 Industry Profiles in case you missed some

For those who checked out the interviews, who was your favorite interview this summer?

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