2010 Season Goals

02 Oct, 2009

Winter is rapidly approaching here in Colorado and soon I’ll be hitting the slopes with friends in that happy place.  Each season I try to set goals for myself and my riding that are within my reach.  I’m coming up on my 16th year of riding and while I certainly am not going pro anytime soon, it doesn’t mean my 16th year of riding can’t be a year of progression and another year of fun.

I’m just stoked and ready for winter!

Days on snow:

Each year I strive for 100+ days on snow.  I ended the 08-09 season with 106 days which is my high record since I’ve moved to Colorado.  In relation to days on snow is what’s known as keeping-my-day-job which means there are always some powder days I won’t get to ride or deadlines that I have to skip out on riding for…and luckily for me, I still get to ride a lot.  Definitely for this year, I will continue to ride as long as I possibly can and I will make the trip out to Mt Hood again.


Last spring I had surgery that required over a month of taking it easy but I feel 100% again and the pain hasn’t come back even when I was snowboarding this summer and took falls.  I’ve taken to the gym to warm up for the winter, getting swimming laps in, rowing and getting myself back in shape for the winter.

For the first time since knee surgery in 2004, I’ll be heading back to the knee surgeon to find out if my screw needs to come out of my knee since it’s been for some reason noticeably bothering me lately.


It felt good to end the season at Windell’s Camp where I received coaching to help me dial in my park tricks but the true test will be back on snow in the parks this season as I work harder to progress my park riding.  I already feel more confident ollie’ing onto rails, trying longer features and playing with boardslides and 50-50’ing rails.  Goals this year are to hit features consistently through the park (not just skip by them) and work on quarterpipes every chance I get.

I’ll continue to play in the halfpipe because it’s soo much fun for me but this year I want to get handplants.

Overall Riding:

Just being on snow with my friends, meeting new shredders and spending the winter enjoying the mountain finding new spots to ride and trying out new gear are the main goals.


I love to travel and each winter I really look forward to hitting up new mountains and locations.  This winter I’ll be riding alot at my home mountain, Steamboat and riding Breck and Keystone when I go to summit county.  But I’m definitely going to check out other Colorado mountains like Vail, Beaver Creek, Crested Butte, Telluride to see what they have to offer.  I’m hoping to make another trip or two to Utah throughout the season and ride mountains I missed out on last winter.  The Vermont trip is set for March and I’ll be spending a week in Vermont to ride the mountains.  Finally there’s winter is complete without a trip back to Washington for events and shredding.


I am really excited for this winter with the blog and will continue to write daily on the subject of snowboarding.  I’ll continue to document my riding days, traveling to events, events, companies I visit, interiews, product reviews galore and articles.

I am now making income from the blog from advertisers, money that goes directly back into the blog with stickers and expenses.  There are limited ads in place (the last one will be added soon) and you won’t see a company that isn’t part of snowboarding featured on this site.  That was a goal of mine to achieve and I definitely am glad that I can run this blog, figure out how to make advertising work for it and still have you guys.

Giveaways will continue to happen, the twitter giveaways have been popular and I’m definitely looking into doing more of those when I travel.  I also will be doing a snowboard giveaway this year that will be open to anyone and you’ll hear more on that when it gets closer.

I also want to continue meeting you guys on the mountain, make some turns and maybe a shred with shay day if anyone is interested.

Finally the biggest goal of the season is to have fun, because that’s what snowboarding is meant to be and I love the fun factor.

What are your own personal goals for this winter for snowboarding, traveling?

About the author


From the beginning of time, I was Shannon. From the beginning of snowboarding, I was Shay. From the beginning of online communities, I was Shayboarder. In the end, I’m the writer, photographer, editor, publisher, guru of sorts, product tester, curvy girl, and most importantly the snowboarder behind it all. Follow me on this journey through snowboarding, mountain biking, traveling and fun experiences!

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  1. Fes
    October 02, 2009

    I went back to school this year. For animation. So on top of having a 40 hour work week, all my free time is going to that.

    My personal goal for this winter for snowboarding would be to actually make it to the slopes to snowboard. 🙂

  2. A. Nony Mouse
    October 02, 2009

    not getting shot

  3. JT
    October 02, 2009

    I’m looking forward to hitting the slopes/mountains as much as possible.
    Working on kicker tricks, and getting more involved in boxes and rails this year. My main goal is to have fun, hang with friends and enjoy it!

  4. JP
    October 02, 2009

    Looking to get a new board with reverse camber/rocker. Get better in the trees, ride as many days as possible, work on airs and bigger jumps and along with that find out what mountain in the east will have the Big Air Bag this year and hti that up as much as possible.

    Shay, where are you going on your VT trip?

  5. Jon
    October 02, 2009

    On Feb. 28th I’ll be done with Navy after 3 long years.
    If everything goes according to plan, I shall be on a plane to the Alps March 1st, for at least two weeks of shred.

    For this season, I want to go gnarly in the backcountry. My hunger for pow is insane.
    And a front flip on little kickers would also be nice.

    AND I will be on a wild coast to coast trip across the US around August. I doubt there will be any snow, but should be grand either way.

  6. Jay
    October 02, 2009

    You left out the most important goal. Hanging out with me.

  7. October 02, 2009

    do what I can to stop the reverse camber revolution

  8. PJ
    October 02, 2009

    Hey are you going to the Sierrasnowboard meet up at Stowe in March? I’m not sure if I’ll be able to go but it’s definitely I want to do.

  9. October 02, 2009

    that was a joke- but I just dont get why these are supposed to be fun on anything besides powder- or I guess if you are wimpy and think that a crescent moon tail press will get you chicks. Camber was there for a reason. For power.

  10. October 03, 2009

    Sick some great plans and goals in store this winter!

    JP, still planning it…definitely ending with the US Open and then probably riding a mix of resorts (any suggestions would be appreciated) and some time in Waterbury/Burlington for company stops.

    Jon, Mt Hood will still have snow in August so that’s worth the stop.

    Paris, I find them fun on the whole mountain but that’s my preference as a rider. Find what works for you and who cares about the rest.

    PJ, I believe it’s a week later than when I’ll be there now so I won’t be doing the SS meet in Vermont. I will be at the Colorado one in January though.

  11. DBWhistler
    October 03, 2009

    Come to Whistler for your Shred With Shay Day! Creekside Baby!!

  12. October 04, 2009

    DB, I’m trying to see if Whistler will fit in this year…I definitely always try to make it there for Telus and I’ll try again.

  13. Ali
    October 05, 2009

    I wanna hit the 50+ days ridden this season, which is a LOT for riding in Ontario (would have made it last season if it wasn’t for injury!) Also want get out of the pipe consistently and ride digger rails. Hey Shay why don’t you come to Ontario, we have… great camp sites and cross country trails…. and oh there is the occasional decent terrain park next to bunny hill sized black diamond run!!!

  14. October 09, 2009

    My goal is obviously to shred with you.


  15. Kyre
    October 14, 2009

    Hey Shay, Come out to Utah and ride Snowbird! I’d love to show you around the place.

  16. October 15, 2009

    Ali, Awesome on the days you are planning for this year! Haha I have friends in Ontario so maybe someday I will head there!

    Allie, my goal is to shred with you too!

    Kyre, most definitely a Utah trip is in order for this year and Snowbird is definitely on the list and riding with you!