A glimpse into Flow Snowboards

26 Oct, 2009

What started out as a binding company has grown to become the number two binding company around the world. Flow has now become a triple threat with snowboards, boots and bindings to compliment each rider on their journey in the mountains.  After 10 years of doing their designs, its no surprise that other companies now have similiar products and regardless whether it’s a love or hate relationship, they stand firm in progressing their product designs.

Flow snowboards was the second stop of day two as I made my way south along the southern California coast hitting up the massive spread of snowboard companies.  With an office in San Clemente Flow Snowboards might be disguised as a typical work office but upon entering you soon found the many posters, product, people and vibe that make it not your typical workplace.

Flow is no stranger to having a heavy line up of riders that win contests

Mark who handles the Flow Blog (FLOG) and his dog Thrasher were on hand to give me the tour of the office.  Thrasher made sure to point out any possible paranormal sightings along the way.

The showroom was complete with the creative employees and walls of products (current 09-10 and future 10-11) that I was able to scout out.  With plenty of room for relaxing, discussing and just plain hanging out it definitely made for the best environment to discuss ideas in.

The current 09-10 snowboard collection and hiding behind them are the 10-11 boards!

We spent some of the morning discussing the upcoming graphics for the snowboards and there was one I liked but it didn’t appear that it would be coming out.  Always interesting to see the yay and nay’s behind graphics and what ends up making the cut.

Anthony Scaturro is the President of Flow Snowboards and he was in the office so I was able to meet him for the first time.

Team Manager Andrew Mutty was hard at work in the office, making calls and dialing in whatever the TM does for Flow.

In one room they do their photo shoots for the catalog and whatever else they need photos for.  They were in the process of shooting snowboard boots for 10-11 but you can only see a fragment of that.

Flow has a huge warehouse holding all their upcoming products; snowboards, boots and bindings that will soon make their way to shops and then customers hands as the season progresses.

Boards waiting to be shipped out

The warehouse guys were plenty busy in getting the products out while we walked through.

I was told that this is Flow’s testing R&D facility.

Huge thanks to Mark and the Flow staff for letting me interrupt their workday with a visit!

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  1. Mike D
    October 26, 2009

    LISCAK! and Thrasher, and marks trailer. sick. love seeing the pics.

  2. JT
    October 26, 2009

    Thanks shay, as a huge fan of Flow, at least the NXT series, this was a good read. I’d love to spend time talking to their R&D for a day to understand their progression.. awesome!!

  3. e
    October 27, 2009

    Liksak is better than Liscak. Sorry I wasn’t there, had to visit my chinese family. Thanks for the write up.