A price worth paying

13 Oct, 2009

Right before the season starts, snowboard films do their job of getting me pumped up and stoked for the upcoming winter.  Often the music they feature makes its way into my ipod so I can ride to it throughout the season.  While I may not be a film critic and have no intention of reviewing snowboard films, I do find favorites each year and these favorite films are what make it onto my bookshelf, into my laptop and are watched over and over.

So far this season I’ve been lucky to watch more snowboard films with friends than in previous years.  Currently I’ve seen At Once Productions “High Life”, Absinthe “Neverland”, TGR’s “Re: Session”, Think Thank “Cool Story”, Forum’s “Forever”, FODT “Hard to Earn”, Stepchild/Thirty-two “This Video Sucks”, Videograss, Standard Films “Black Winter”, Transworld Snowboarding “Get Real”, Alterna Film’s “Electro”  and clips from Burton’s “B” movie.

My favorite flicks this year are:

  • Absinthe “Neverland”:  Cale Zima is the most memorable rider for me, style, fun, crashes and dance moves that won me over.  MFM’s music was my favorite music of the year, I want that mix so bad.  MFR shows what girls should be doing in snowboard films, not missing a beat between the guys and showing how skills can be on the same level.
  • Forums “Forever”:  Pat Moore, that’s really all I need to say.  He kills it and his film part was a standout favorite of all of them.  I wished Peter Line had a better section but that’s me, I grew up idolizing the guy at Ski Acres so I always want to see him ride more often since his presence and style blows you away.
  • Think Thank “Cool Story”:  The Think Thank guys reminded me of the last Robotfood film but better, it was a documentary style following them through the season interchanging lives, people and travel stories.  Austin Hironaka was my personal favorite in the film but it was hard to pick one, all the guys that film with them are amazing to watch and unlike other films you felt like you got to know the riders (not just hey they stomp every trick known to man, they are real and human like us).
  • Stepchild/Thirty-Two “This Video Sucks”:  Joe Sexton and JP Walker, it’s like a bromance going on there that saturated through my TV.  But seriously Joe was fun to watch and the whole getting him in backcountry clips were hilarious, I loved watching him on rails and then watching him in powder.
  • Standard Films “Black Winter”:  Xavier DeLarue is insane.  I mean wow I had my mouth open in awe during his part.  The film was great which surprised me cause when I watched the teaser I thought the music was a horrible choice and in the actual film, it was better.

FODT’s “Hard to Earn” gets props because they had stellar music and good mix of riding, I watched it a couple times and each time enjoyed it.

Alterna Films “Electro” Matt Belzile’s part has the cam pointed straight down from above his head and a sequence of clips that are different to see from that angle.

I’ve started to slowly support the snowboard films with my first two purchases being Transworld’s “Get Real” and Alterna Films “Electro” at The Click so I get double the fun of buying local and supporting shred flicks.  Philip got me Stepchild/Thirty-Two’s “This Video Sucks” and I plan to buy Absinthe “Neverland” and a couple others from that list, still deciding on them.

I understand how easy it is to download films/music today but I also know that if we support snowboard films we are guaranteed to have snowboard films in the future.  It might take me longer to buy that favorite film and spend $30 to do it, but I know that I’m supporting the filmers, editing, riders and the music they include.  Without all of those fundamental things, what would be left?  Something on youtube that isn’t worth paying for.

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  1. October 13, 2009

    I fell in love with Annie Boulanger after I watched her part in Neverland!! she rips so hard!

  2. Fore
    October 13, 2009

    I saw the trailer for JJ’s Deeper, you should add it to your ‘to watch’ list

  3. October 13, 2009

    Paris, definitely! She rips and the coolest thing was she dropped the same line that one of the guys dropped, I believe Gigi’s line.

    Fore, Unfortunately that doesn’t come out till Fall 2010, so another year for that film. It’s on the list for next winter’s films but too early.

  4. A. Nony Mouse
    October 13, 2009

    i think neverland and this video sucks stunk but cool story is the video of the year

  5. PJ
    October 13, 2009

    I saw Cool Story, Neverland, and Videograss so far this year. Cool Story definitely had me more impressed than the others. I had more reactions of “Wow! That’s hot!”.

  6. minimal
    October 14, 2009

    I liked the riding, particularly Nico’s and Rice’s parts in Neverland, but the editing was pretty bad. Jumps cut off, songs ended abruptly, and some pretty poor shots made for a lackluster film that could have been great. The B was pretty typical Burton fare. Good, but nothing too special. I have yet to buy any others this season.

    I do have to say that if companies want to stop people from downloading their movies, they have to do one of two things:

    1. Charge less.
    2. Make longer movies.

    It gets pretty difficult to justify spending almost $40 on a 38 minute standard def dvd snowboard movie when I can go spend $25 on a two hour bluray feature film. I realize that the units sold is vastly different, but in the eyes of the consumer, the bottom line is price. I buy all the snowboard flicks I can, but it still feels like I’m being bent over whenever I buy one.

  7. bob villa
    October 14, 2009

    I absolutely love cool story, nikki fresh is amazing, pat mores part is sweet in forever, i was so looking forward to videograss and hard to earn but i was very disappointed with both.

    Cool story video of the year!!!

  8. October 15, 2009

    Minimal, I definitely understand that. Most of the dvd’s I buy are under $30 and I’m picky about what I buy. This year since friends bought others, I bought the ones we hadn’t seen yet so we could see them together.

    I do appreciate when they go on itunes and I can buy it there but it’s nice having the dvd copy and case at home too.

    Videograss I wasn’t a fan of, it was just too repetitive and seemed like they all had the same parts different riders. The others seeemed to mix it up better for me.

  9. burritosandsnow
    October 17, 2009

    shay I got those Sanigold mixes lemme dig em up

  10. burritosandsnow
    October 17, 2009

    Santigold of course 😛