A view into Dragon Alliance

27 Oct, 2009

Since I’ve been snowboarding, Dragon has always been there as a consistent leader among goggles on the mountains.  With their signature logo that many wear on and off the mountain they remain true to who they are, what they support and continue with a steady stream of quality product from the snow to everyday use.

Dragon was the second stop on day two as I made my way into Carlsbad, the home for many companies within snowboarding.   With surfing and skating easily accessible, it was no surprise to see wetsuits lining each company’s parking lot that I visited during the visit.

Walking into Dragon Alliance, their typical office workplace was transformed into walls of art that took over the blank office space walls to greet you upon entry.  Stacks of shred/surf/skate magazines were available for your glance as you waited to be taken upstairs to the offices.

It’s always art in snowboarding

When you get upstairs you can check out the latest Dragon products from snow, moto and eyewear to keep your eyes safe and the softgood products for Dragon.  Just beyond the area were the individual sales offices for each division.

I met up with Alex Pashley who became the Snow Marketing Manager at Dragon last year and was one of my first Industry Profile Interviews when he worked at Rossignol as TM.  Now he’s with Dragon holding the reigns with snowboarding and continues to shred a lot despite the location difference.  While in the office today he was awaiting the drop-by of Dragon Team rider Gigi Rüf to look over 10-11 goggles and get some catalog shots taken.  Alex shares an office with the creative designers and there’s limitless possibilities for practical jokes in their shared office.

Printing out the latest Gigi cover on European’s Onboard Magazine

When it comes to goggles, every step of the way takes a lot of decision making process from the lens to the frame to the straps that make their way to a customers head.  I got to see the wall of ideas and input going in on the 10-11 goggles being designed and finalized right now. Surprisingly the pro skier goggles were my stand-out favorite for the fun artwork they featured.

We saw a sponsor video come in so a couple of us watched it and it was cool to see that process of employees watching the video, props on what they liked and nay on what they didn’t and the end factor.  Whoever that young midwest kid was would end up getting some hook up and the first step out there.

The best part about Dragon was just sitting around and talking with the Alex, who has ties to Steamboat and always makes the trip back for Thanksgiving.  His dog Cujo (don’t let the name fool you) was also on hand giving the tour today.

Huge thanks to Alex and Dragon for letting me stop by the offices and check out their upcoming products!

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