Colorado shredding now open!

07 Oct, 2009

In just a couple hours the 09-10 season will begin with Loveland being the first mountain open and within a couple days other mountains will start to open. Each year I anxiously await the opening day announcements and each year my employer knows that the opening day in CO is a holiday for me so I can go enjoy the white ribbon of death.

For many the white ribbon of death isn’t appealing but for me it’s about the vibe, the friends and being back on snow (regardless of how much snow or how great it is). I spent this summer riding a snow patch so I’m stoked to have a whole run complete with a chairlift to make my day fun on the mountain with friends.

October 7, 2009 and it’s time to shred!

The best part about the night before opening day is the preparing the boards, getting gear out and smelling the warm wax fill the room. Cheers to the 09-10 season and soon it’ll be your turn!

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  1. Fore
    October 06, 2009

    No friends on opening day

  2. PJ
    October 07, 2009

    Yay! You’re so luck over there. Another 6.5 weeks until the Vermont resorts open.

  3. Brett
    October 07, 2009

    Damn. It’s hard to digest that some resorts are about to open. I’ve got to wait another 6 or 7 weeks for my season to start, too.

    oh well, have fun Shay, tear it up!

  4. Pam
    October 07, 2009

    Ahhhh…I wish I was in CO right now. Def a good 6 weeks, maybe more for NY. I’ll head north early.

  5. tooscoops
    October 07, 2009

    well… only… umm… probably month and a half till our first day.. and thats if its similar to last year… hell, some friends are biking on our ‘hills’ today… not quite snow covered!

  6. Steven Ness
    October 07, 2009

    For us in California, Mammoth received 10 or so inches of snow already, and it looks like more is on the way (according to the site). Unfortunately they aren’t opening for another month or so. WTF!!!!!!

  7. PJ
    October 07, 2009

    Hey you’re on Fox 31’s coverage about opening day:,0,1291081.photogallery

    Photo #10

  8. October 07, 2009

    Fore, what?!?! No way it’s all friends on opening day, how else will you make a small patch of snow for hours so much fun? Love goofing around on opening day.

    PJ, definitely it’s one of the reasons I love living in CO so much is the long consistent seasons.

    Brett, thanks! Yeah CO is an exception, stoked on the early season shred.

    Pam, soon it’ll be your turn!

    Tooscoops, haha kind of the same here, where I live is still dry and people are biking but it’s rad you can drive to get to the snow!

    Steven, nice! Soon I hope for you guys! Boreal is soon!

    PJ, haha thanks so much for that! I was talking to one of the news stations about opening day and looks like it was Fox. I wonder if I’ll make the news, stellar shot, haha!