Loveland Opening Day 10/7/09

07 Oct, 2009

As soon as the Loveland Opening Day announcement came yesterday afternoon, I packed my gear and headed down to Summit County to be ready bright and early for shredding.  Last night at a friends place we began to get our gear mounted up and waxed up, the excitement started to grow into this morning when it was time for the season to begin.

We rallied into Loveland around 8:30am with my truck full of friends and more on the way.  Huge thanks to John Sellers at the Ski Area for the discount tickets so we could shred.  When we got our gear ready and walked up to the line, it was barely a typical line for Opening Day and throughout the day you never waited more than a couple minutes.  There were plenty of news stations on site to capture in the first chair moment (which didn’t go as expected) and the best part was hearing from Cort that him and Teddy had hiked from the pass at 5am and got the first turns before the first chairlift.  That’s dedication.

The morning started with myself, Adrian and Lauren (our second year in a row).  As the day developed we encountered more friends:  Erik, Scott, Berto, Cliff, Jason to make our riding crew a bit bigger.  Plus seeing other friends on the mountain, the Never Summer boys were out representing:  Micah, Gags, Joey, Nick, Sean, Vince throughout the day and ran into Omatic’s Cort and Teddy for a couple laps together.

I missed breakfast this morning but luckily there were plenty of donuts on hand as you rode through the lift line for your next lap down the white ribbon of death.

Teddy, Cort and myself on the chairlift

The shredding was exactly what was to be expected for early season riding and in fact better than I thought.  The first run had some leftover snowmaking “powder” on the side of the run and quickly enjoyed that before hitting the groomers.  The run is just long enough to get some good turns in, Loveland set up two rails in the early season park and the side of the run had jibbing opportunities.  I have a rule that I don’t leave the ground on the first day so I didn’t but I enjoyed just cruising with friends, laughing and having a good time.

The terrain park shots of the day



First day of the season and got to try new gear!  Today I rode the Capita Ultrafear FK and Union Force SL bindings, still breaking in my Vans boots (the warming sensation is back, didn’t miss that) and wore my softgoods, soon I’ll be rocking my 686 gear.  I also got to try the new MFR gloves, they won me and Lauren over today.

As the day winded down and plenty of laps on the mountain, the parking lot had hit the peak for the season but there were still no lines and plenty of movement on the mountain.  We ended the day catching up in the parking lot.

Thanks to my reader, PJ for catching this gem online.  I was stopped in the line by a news station and interviewed about Loveland opening.  I didn’t know they took a picture but now I know who interviewed me.  Since I don’t have cable, if you see me on Fox 31 tonight hopefully it goes well!

no images were found

The season has begun in Colorado which means I’ll be riding on weekends till my mountain opens later in November.  Looking forward to hitting the slopes and if you come out to ride and see me, say hi and grab some stickers from me!

Here’s the video from today, I didn’t take up my good camera so not filmed with the best quality but it’s fun and shows the conditions.

Loveland Opening Day 10/7/09 from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

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  1. October 07, 2009

    Hell yeah shay I can’t believe all you had to do was show a little skin to get on the news!!!

  2. October 07, 2009

    I want free doughnuts !!! keep up the good work- I will look for you when I make it there sometime in the next couple of weeks. SCRAW!

  3. Oddity
    October 07, 2009

    I almost have to unsubscribe for the next month and a half until we get snow, you are making me super jealous shay! Looks awesome though, having that much groomed snow this early in the year is great!

  4. October 07, 2009

    I freakin want those gloves!!!!!!! Hahaha

    Fun fun fun day =D

  5. October 07, 2009

    Nice. I prefer to call it the “White Ribbon of Life.”

    And now I want some donuts.

  6. Jay
    October 07, 2009

    Nice Jacket. I hate you all.

  7. Madeleine
    October 07, 2009

    Thanks for the pictures! We’ll be up soon. Usually we wait until 2 ribbons of death are open but not this year.

  8. Bruizza
    October 08, 2009

    Can’t wait to meet up and ride with you guys next weekend!

  9. Shane
    October 08, 2009

    How did the first chair not go as expected? I caught some video on Youtube of the PinPin guys getting interviewed, but it was from the night before. Crazy that they’ve had first chair for the last 15 years.

  10. October 08, 2009

    Thanks Jay! I heart the jacket!

    Madeleine! Great hope to see you up there, I’ll be at Loveland this Saturday and we’ll see about Sunday. Definitely both days next weekend!

    Bru, next weekend for sure!

    Shane, I didn’t include the clip in the video but they put the colorado open sign in front of an empty chair accidentally and then had to grab to get the sign quickly. Luckily the first chair knew to get off the chair and wait for the next one. I felt bad for the sign people, that’s the big moment for the news but they got it right the second time. Usually Trailor Tom is there for the first chair but didn’t see him this year.

  11. gags
    October 08, 2009

    such a great day Shay…was good to get turns in!

  12. George
    October 10, 2009

    Looks cool!!!! If any one moans about early season conditions try a 100m slope in a shed or outdoor shreding on a carpet!?!?!?!? England rocks!!!! Good thing JHMR booked for January!!!!

  13. zack
    October 15, 2009

    there’s a shot of you in the Never Summer video from that day @ 2:38

  14. October 15, 2009

    For sure Gags!

    George, yeah totally I’m stoked to be shredding…some people are just too picky. Nice on JH! That’ll be sick!

    Zack, haha thanks I saw that!