Omatic Snowboard Giveaway in San Francisco!

24 Oct, 2009

I arrived in San Francisco yesterday and now if you are remotely near San Francisco today it’s your chance to win a brand new 09-10 Omatic Awesome! All you have to do is track me down when I put out twitter clues at 2pm that will help you find my location in San Francisco, CA. All it takes is the first person to give me a high 5 that wins the brand new Omatic Awesome!

When the twitter giveaway does start at 2pm, I will be checking @shayboarder replies if you have any questions during the hunt! Good luck and see you in San Francisco!

If you want the free 09-10 Omatic Awesome you must follow these steps:

1. Sign up to follow shayboarder on twitter. Probably the best idea to get the SMS Text updates to your phone on the day of.
2. Check updates starting at 2pm (PST) on October 24th, 2009.
3. At 2pm I will start to twitter clues that will help you track down my location in San Francisco, California.  There will be 5 clues total with the last clue being the one that says exactly where I”m at.
4. Get in your car, bus, bike, skateboard, longboard…and track me down.
5. Be the first person to find me and give me a high 5.
6. Get your hands on a brand new 09-10 Omatic Awesome!


  • There is only one snowboard to win.
  • If you happen to know my cell number, you are not allowed to use that to track me down. That is cheating.
  • There is only one snowboard to giveaway…so if you work as a team or partners, I’ll let you battle out who wins it.
  • It would be common courtesy to not re-sell this board so please respect getting a free board and if you don’t need it, pass it onto someone who does.

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  1. October 24, 2009

    Does a High Five from Ohio count for an old used one???