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20 Oct, 2009

With the strength and skill that many women admire, Megan “Megs” Pischke Porcheron and Barrett Christy Cummins have set out to create a place for women to connect through the snow and engage each other off the mountain. ReTreat Yourself will be coming back January 2010 on the slopes of Beaver Creek giving women the opportunity of riding with amazing women and finding an inner calmness through snowboarding, yoga and personal development. With experts, Megan Pischke Porcheron: Professional Snowboarder; Amy Baker: Yoga Instructor; Kasha Rigby: Professional Skier; Barrett Christy Cummins: Professional Snowboarder; Linda Kennoy: Life Counselor/Coach, there certainly is no lack of skills to make the ReTreat Youself a time to remember on the mountain.

I met Megs last month and her passion spilled out from the discussion on women riders and finding a cause together that can calm us in a uncalm world.  Here’s her thoughts on the upcoming ReTreat Yourself and what they hope to accomplish.

Shay:  What inspired you to start ReTreat Yourself?
Megs:  Snowboarding has given me so much- and I feel the same of yoga, and of course being given the opportunity to have such a fun mountain lifestyle. ReTreat Yourself was a way to give back, hopefully inspire others, and of course a great excuse to have more time in the snow!

Shay:  Each of you have played a tremendous role in snowboarding, how do you hope to impact upcoming female riders?
Megs:  Oh wow- well to start, through ReTreat Yourself, and by just being me- I want to give a message: to have confidence in who you are; by respecting yourself and loving yourself enough to always ask “what keeps me healthy? What keeps me happy? What is true for me?” I think that this goes for not only young women, but also those who have the miles in life, and think they have themselves dialed- as I believe you can ALWAYS learn more about yourself. Having knowledge gives you power, and when you have this foundation, it transfers into all aspects of your being, whether its learning a cab 5, or being a better mom, sister, daughter, ect.

Shay:  How can ReTreat Yourself be beneficial to female skiers and snowboarders?
Megs:  I hope that ladies can have fun- as this is the ultimate goal. To let guards down, laugh, learn and meet others with the same intentions.

Shay: Will ReTreat Yourself be open to any level of skiers and snowboarders?
Megs: Yes of course!

Shay: What were the reasons behind choosing Beaver Creek as the riding location and accommodations for ReTreat Yourself?
Megs: Beaver Creek is my backyard! And I love the Osprey, as its new and fresh, and its like 3 feet (no kidding!) from the lift. As well as, I have spent many years falling in love with the Creek, actually everytime we get new snow there! Plus there are fun quick hikes to get freshies.

Shay: Yoga, Skiing/Snowboarding are the fundamentals behind the ReTreat, why offer these together and what do you hope to accomplish with the ReTreat?
Megs: I have been completely inspired and grown into my true being through snowboarding and yoga. I know that fresh air with friends is not only fun but healthy for the soul! Yoga and your “sport” go hand in hand as far as I am concerned, they compliment eachother. And they both require a tremendous amount of “in the moment” which I believe is essential to happiness, a sort of meditation/focus. This is where we grow, and I would love for other women to always be able to link to this in their lives. By adding in Linda Kennoy, our life coach (I like to refer to her as the “spiritual cheerleader”!) – this is the dessert!

Shay: How do you feel about the current state of women’s snowboarding?
Megs: I see a huge amount of progression happening right now- especially in the backcountry. Annie B. and Marie France Roy have really upped the anty in that department- amazing ladies!! I also feel and see a steady support of the womens scene, and excited to see some of the girls grow into such amazing people- Gretchen Bleiler ,you rock! Its going to be fun to watch the Olympics this year…I love watching Torah ride, she has also taken the progression to another level, giving younger girls a high level to aspire to.

Photo:  Mark Gallup

Shay: What gear are you rocking this season?
Megs: North Face poofers for sure!! And defiantely the Shugga Suit ll(The North Face)- the best one piece since I was 5. Nike boots, and of course my B-Pro 155!! I am feeling saucy just talking about it…haha.

Shay:  Thanks Megs for being part of this discussion!

To find out more about the women’s ReTreat Yourself, check out the Facebook fan page and become a fan or check out the Osprey event site.

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