San Francisco Twitter Giveaway Completed!

24 Oct, 2009

Today was the third giveaway based in San Francisco, CA and the chance to win an 09-10 Omatic Awesome after 2pm when I started putting clues out on twitter.

I’m in town visiting family so today was a total tourist day and in the hours leading up to the start of the 2pm giveaway, I enjoyed the touristy sites around San Francisco.  I had no idea where the final destination would be and luckily for me, I had family to help me with figuring out a place to hang out and enjoy while holding a snowboard.

Huge thanks to Omatic snowboards for being part of the giveaway and offering up a 09-10 Omatic Awesome!

Omatic Twitter Giveaway Winners!

I started tweeting out clues at 2pm (PST) on a Saturday so I hoped that was a good time for everyone.  The clues were:

1.  I’m east of golden gate bridge and north of the bay bridge.

2.  I’m near the water but not at fishermans wharf!

3.  Twitpic Clue:  good view

4.  I’m heading west looking for the golden ticket.

5.  I’m at the square for chocolates!

A little more than 2 hours into the first clue, I was found within a couple blocks from where I started and Emmanuelle with the help of a friend tracked me down!  She was stoked and had been following me throughout each tweet, asking questions and with the help of a friend was able to find me and rushed up to high 5 me and claim the Omatic snowboard!

When I sent out the first clue I was sitting in a restaurant on the waterfront with my family and for the first three clues, we moved around in the area.  By the 4th and 5th clue, I was holding the snowboard and walking to the final destination.  I even had a car full of guys tell me rad snowboard but they didn’t know what was going on.

It was a great time and my family got to see a glimpse into what I do for the snowboard blog, how a free snowboard can make someone’s day and so stoked to give one away.  Thanks Emmanuelle and Omatic!

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  1. October 26, 2009

    thanks much! had a very fun sat afternoon running around the city. looking forward to putting this baby to use this winter.