Shay Update: California/Maryland Adventures

14 Oct, 2009

In the workplace there are two types of people: those with plenty of vacation time saved up and those who have none.  I am the latter, I love counting down till the next vacation, next snowboard trip, next getaway and I use every second of it up as soon as I get it.  I wasn’t expecting October to be a travel month but two trips came up that I couldn’t pass on.  My snowboard bag is staying home but they are still very exciting snowboard related trips.

Next week I’ll be flying out to So-Cal to visit spend 3 days visiting some rad companies and people there, then I fly up to Nor-Cal for the weekend where I’ll be on family time with the exception of the Twitter Giveaway in San Francisco.  Then after California, I come home for two days before flying to Maryland to visit Gore-Tex.  So the next two weeks will be lots of traveling as I go west and east, writing about the adventures on the blog.

Shayboarder’s California Adventure

There is a reason why I’m not doing a snowboard giveaway in So-Cal and it’s because of time to do it. I’ll be spending next Wednesday to Friday visiting snowboard companies (I wish I could visit everyone but I had to narrow it down).  I’ll be able to check out the offices, meet the staff and get a feel for what goes on at some great companies so I write about it on here.  You’ll get to see behind companies like Arbor, 686, Signal, Snowboarder Magazine, Transworld Snowboarding, Omatic and Dragon.  I’ll be crashing along the way, thanks to awesome people offering their homes for me.

Twitter Giveaway

The final leg of the journey is Nor-Cal where I’ll be flying into San Francisco, visiting the Sierrasnowboard main office in San Fran and then spending time with family.  On the 24th there will be a twitter snowboard giveaway in San Francisco as I play tourist and check out the city with my family.  Definitely come join in the hunt for me as I update 5 twitter clues that help you track me down starting on October 24th at 2pm.

Experience More Blogger Summit

I arrive back in Colorado but only for two days before I fly out to attend the Experience More Blogger Summit hosted by Gore-Tex.  Compliments of Gore Tex I’m heading out to Maryland to spend 3 days at their Gore Facilities and get to go behind the scenes.  I’m personally really excited for the opportunity to check them out since Gore-Tex was a necessity to life when I grew up riding in Washington.  It’s also my first expenses paid trip that I’ll be taking on behalf of this blog and I’m excited to meet the other bloggers participating in the event.

Colorado Shred

As soon as I get back from Gore Tex it’s shred time in Colorado and making my way again on weekends to ride the terrain that’s open.  November is when the demo season begins in Colorado so I’m glad to not be missing out on it and be able to get on some new boards to review.

Finally this is a couple months in the future but I am already registered to attend SIA Snow Show in Denver and have my hotel room booked.  It’s my favorite event of the year and I’m looking forward to being able to check out the latest gear plus ride it directly after the tradeshow.

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  1. Fore
    October 14, 2009

    I thought Sierrasnowboard’s main office is in Sacramento
    Are you driving up for their film premier and anniversary shindig

  2. October 14, 2009

    Fore, the owners work out of San Fran so I’ll be meeting up with them. The main store is in Sacramento. Unfortunately I won’t be making it out to the store 🙁 I’m with family so no time to go up this trip, but definitely another trip!

  3. Steven Ness
    October 14, 2009

    Mammoth … early opening in two days due to some recent snow …… thought you’d like to know just in case you have time for a detour between Northern and Southern, CA. You can pick up a flight from LAX directly in to Mammoth round trip for about $150.00.

  4. October 15, 2009

    She said she’s leaving her board home… lame!

    I can just see you taking that detour to mammoth though… “WHAT AM I GONNA RIDE NOW?!?!?1 A FUCKING ROSSIGNOL RENTAL!”

  5. October 15, 2009

    I wish I could snowboard but I’ll be saving it for another trip to California to ride. I really have no time in CA other than the plans I made with the companies to visit and some time in the evening to hang out with friends.

    Follow my twitter next week and you’ll see how the time crunch is, haha!