TGR’s “Re:Session” premiere in Steamboat Springs

03 Oct, 2009

Last night in Steamboat was the TGR Re: Session premiere which is always a must for the locals in town to get out, see friends, enjoy some brews while watching a film that will get you stoked on the winter ahead.

Even though I’m a snowboarder I still appreciate good winter films, TGR is one of those and the other is Matchstick.  Despite the lack of snowboarding (TGR has some) it’s still insane to watch the skiers throw down and be stoked on what they can pull off.

I had the choice to see the forum premiere in Denver (but I had already watched it at Philips) or staying in town to see TGR.  Being in Steamboat for premieres is just so much fun that it’s hard to turn down, it’s a lot of familiar faces that you spend the premiere with and then hang out at the bars afterwards, when it comes time to head home it’s a simple walk or skate to friends houses or home.

I arrived early mostly in part cause I thought the movie started at 7pm, when it started at 8pm.  But that meant hanging out with friends and catching up.  There was a bar right outside the ballroom so plenty of drinking ahead of time.

The TGR premiere each year is the most popular film in Steamboat

Mike Martin introducing the film and picking a prize winner

The TGR premiere was the first film of the Steamboat Film Festival which will premiere more films later this month. They also take in local submissions for the Reel Awards.  To start out last night, we got to see the teasers for the submissions which included local riders at Steamboat and other mountains.

One of those was Kerry Lofy’s “Pillow Talk” is a submission this year which features him dropping Hells Wall.  Steamboat isn’t known for having steeps but we have Hells Wall, a cliff drop between 80-100 feet (120 feet without snow) depending on the snow.  Last winter Kerry dropped it and it’s shown in this film.  Pretty badass.

TGR Re: Session was hit or miss with my skier friends but personally I enjoyed it and it didn’t tie it all together but it had some great footage from cool places around the world.   There were some insane parts like the hole in one, where a skier fell down a steep line and fell into a crevasse that was seriously a hole in one shot…he was fine but insane to watch.  Some really insane falls, you know when skiers fall and the skis come off and they cartwheel down the mountain like gumby, there’s a lot of that plus one jacket coming all the way off from cartwheeling at good speed.

So TGR had some changes to the snowboarder line this year for the film.  It was a surprise to not see Victoria or Jeremy Jones holding down the big shoes the fill and filling them, that was a letdown.  The only snowboarder is Mark Carter and I wish there was more for his part to make the snowboarder part a real section of the film.  It’s good though and I think his part in TGR is better than his Absinthe part but that’s just me.

My favorite was the Stevens Pass footage which had some insane features and slow motion, up close heli filming.  Plus it’s my home mountain so it’s great to see good resorts getting attention and be willing to build rad features for filming.

The Poland/Slovakia footage was intense, the deepest powder and billowing up.  It reminded me of Steamboat and the crowd definitely cheered the most seeing powder that reminds us of home.

After the film, we cleaned up and headed to Slopeside which was packed with the film crowd.  After a good amount of beer and shots, I skated my way back to a friends house to enjoy the comforts of their couch.  Such a good night in Steamboat.

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  1. Carrie
    October 03, 2009

    i agree with you Shay.. I heart ski movies too.. anything with snow gets me stoked at this time of year. Saw In Deep last week in Whistler and it was great.. especially the McConkey tribute!

  2. October 03, 2009

    Nice! Yeah they had a base jumping part that ended the movie and they talked about Shane in it.

  3. simon
    October 04, 2009

    you do know about jeremys “deeper” project right?

  4. October 04, 2009

    Yep I knew he was doing that but forgot he wouldn’t be in TGR.