A look inside Arbor Snowboards

04 Nov, 2009

Arbor brings a responsible consciousness to the table when it comes to building and designing snowboards.  With a heavy skate, surf and art influence that Venice expresses and Arbor showcases, it’s no wonder that Arbor snowboards continues to support their roots.

Just seconds from the Venice boardwalk houses one of the most environmentally friendly snowboard and skate companies in the industry.  The journey to Arbor snowboards was the last stop on my California trip but offered a glimpse into the influence from location to company.  What stands out among Washington Blvd in Venice is the bamboo influence that surrounds the entry of Arbor Snowboards.

I arrived on scene with Arbor rider Moss Halladay who was my coach at Windell’s Camp this summer.  We were able to meet up with Drew and Matt to get the full tour of Arbor Snowboards.

Upon entering the Arbor office, you are greeted by an abundance of open space and light that just exudes from the old building that now houses Arbor and you can’t miss Brian ready for helping you find your way.

In the lower portion of the office, you have the parking spaces which features a different kind of commuting to work…cruiser style and the staff enjoys under 10 minute commutes each day to work.

In shipping and receiving was Arnold who has been with Arbor since the beginning.

In the smaller back room was the warranty section with snowboards needing to be fixed up or replaced for the upcoming season.

With a heavy collective of artists and art influence from the area, the stairs going upstairs just surrounded you in the presence of the art.

The journey to the upstairs portion of the offices show the view of the retail space that opened up down below and each person’s workstation around the building.

I was able to meet Bob Carlson who co-founded Arbor Snowboards.  He was hard at work on a phone call later when I snapped this picture.

Checking out the upcoming 10-11 line for men’s softgoods that feature bamboo.  Art graphics from the snowboards are also featured in designs of the softgoods.  I already picked my favorite from the visit and it’s a women’s board graphic.

Downstairs off the workstations was the secret design meeting space and currently up on the walls for discussion were the skate designs but the 10-11 snowboard graphics were on the table and I was able to check them out.  Definitely some graphics that continue to impress.

With a location right on Washington Blvd in the heart of Venice, it’s prime property for a retail store which Arbor houses out of the front of the building.  Inside the retail store, you can find all the upcoming skate and snow products including Arbor’s softgoods featuring bamboo in them.

Arbor’s softgoods line the shelves

talking shop in the shop

With the water just minutes away, the retail side has surfboards for sale and demo.

That comprised of the tour and the last stop on the California Adventure.  Huge thanks to Moss for housing me, Drew and Matt for showing me around and everyone at Arbor for welcoming me.

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  1. November 04, 2009

    I appreciate their commitment to the environment and using renewable resources, but I still have yet to get out on one of their boards! And with Kinger and Bosler on the team just killin it, even more motivation this year… Word on the street is Arbor has some banana slayer board in the works? Am I totally out of the loop or was I fed some bad bro-brah gossip?!?

  2. tooscoops
    November 04, 2009

    nice to see stuff on arbor… i never really loved any of my other boards as much as my element. too bad that last run in whistler has its way with it….

    very cool store. nice to see green can be cool, not just because its green.

  3. Bdawg
    November 04, 2009

    Nice Shay. I noticed this year that Arbor isn’t using Structurn on their bases. I heard they switched factories in Austria and the old factory owns the Structurn patent? Any truth to this? Also, were those Arbor surfboards?

  4. November 04, 2009

    Denno, good question. They have the draft for this year which is their rocker freestyle board but for 10-11 there are more rocker models coming out. I think that’s all I can say for now.

    Tooscoops, definitely!

    Bdawg, I’ll find out more about the structurn for you. Nope those are Firewire surfboards in that photo 🙂

  5. Mbq
    November 04, 2009

    They did switch factories this year, and the old one did own structurn. But when I talked to them in Feb. they told me they were trying to buy the rights to it. Hopefully that is going to work out for them because it is like butter.

  6. Snowboy
    November 06, 2009

    I ride a Arbor, a 153 Draft, and can not say enough good things about the board. I would gladly choose an Arbor again. Just wish I wasn’t poor so right now so I could afford the bamboo clothes. Arbor can sponsor me, of course!

  7. arbor snowboards - venice, ca
    November 06, 2009

    hey Shay,

    so rad of you to stop by and spend some time with us. we know it was a busy trip for you and sincerely appreciate you taking the time.

    “banana slayer board,” i love that rocker technology has become synonymous with Lib’s Banana. well, big ups to those guys for really revitalizing the technology. But for those of you still confused about what sets Arbors rocker technology, called The System, apart the rest check the link for an info DL on the fusion of interdependent technologies that support specific riding performances that make the Draft special: http://www.arborcollective.com/2009/07/the-system/

    Arbor surf boards….now there’s a thought……….

  8. Brooke
    November 09, 2009

    I first looked at Arbor boards just because they used renewable resources, but they will continue to be my board of choice because they ride so well. I have an Push 152 (’07) and I absolutely love it!