Breckenridge 11/27/09

27 Nov, 2009

I’ve been feeling under the weather but that didn’t stop me from heading down to Summit County for two days of riding.  Friday was the perfect day to spend at Breckenridge and even though the crowds came out that couldn’t take away from the bluebird weather and fun being outside in the sun.

I picked up Tom the skier on the way into Breckenridge and we hit up the mountain together, skier and snowboarder friendship.  We parked in the free lot and took the shuttle over to the mountain.  It was so warm by the time we arrive that I just wore my Burton windstopper hoodie over a t-shirt.

Breckenridge from Peak 8

I put aside the Ultrafear and took out the Signal Omni today to check it out on the hardpacked conditions at Breckenridge.  I’ll definitely be putting a review up on it soon for everyone who inquired about it.

I still smile when I’m sick

Inside the fences of the park, riders waiting to drop into the jumps

We just lapped the Breck Terrain Park that’s set up.  They currently have 3 jumps and a variety of rails/boxes at the bottom of the park.

Tom’s seven lead mute (skier talk I know) off jump 3

With both of us not feeling 100%, we ended the day around 2pm for food and to hang out.  I hate being sick mostly cause a day of riding hits you a lot harder and I felt a lot more tired from just lapping runs than I have all season.

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  1. Mark
    November 28, 2009

    Looking forward to the omni review I can’t find a shop in CO that carries them

  2. November 29, 2009

    Yeah I think only the online shops have them, haven’t seen much Signal in CO shops except for Emage but doesn’t look like they have the Omni.

    Review coming soon, got a couple ahead of it to put up.