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09 Nov, 2009

In 2007, pro snowboarder Tj Schneider did the unbelievable by not focusing on video part and choosing to make a series of videos that came from his heart, passion and soul of snowboarding.  The end creation was Snowboard Realms which offers a bigger glimpse into a pro snowboarders life, triumphs and personal stories than a video part could ever have shown.  He’s now beginning his third season of Snowboard Realms, reaching out to fans and promoting himself through the most honest and upfront way a pro snowboarder could do.

I caught up with Tj to find out what’s in store for the upcoming 3rd season of Snowboard Realms.  The Realms is open to everyone so here’s your chance to get involved on his journey.

Shay: Snowboard Realms is coming up on its 3rd season, what do you hope to accomplish with this new season?
Tj: I just hope to have a fun and entertaining season.

Shay: What are your upcoming travel plans for this year, any new locations in store?
Tj: Yeah were hoping to make it out to sebis neck of the woods in germany , I’d also like to make it to a few spots down in the usa that I havent been to in a while like tahoe and the east coast.

Shay: Are there any new riders you’ll be interviewing and working with this year?
Tj: Just everyone I come across.

Shay: Are there any upcoming opportunities for fans to get involved with Snowboard Realms this season?
Tj: There are always tons of opportunities, everyone just needs to keep an eye on the Snowboard Realms site, team site and twitter , for chances to come film , shred ,guest edit ,whatever , the realms is open to everyone.

Shay:  Thanks Tj!

In preparation of the Snowboard Realms 3rd season, head to youtube and comment on this video to possibly win a prize pack from one of Tj’s sponsors.

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