Last call for limited edition YES snowboards

27 Nov, 2009

YES Snowboards was just the beginning of professional snowboarders starting small with their own snowboard company and building something that identifies with consumers through only their names.  Since last year they’ve certainly proved a point that riders can do it and people have remained interested in what these boards have to offer.

DCP, Romain and JP have created a company that stands out in the lift lines and catches eyes without even trying.  They came up with their YES limited edition boards that are still available and featured in the popular 156.5cm size.  Each board was handpainted by the team and guaranteed to stand out on the mountain for originality.  You can buy them at the YES online store.

Rider Profile:
Intermediate to Expert riders.

Performance Profile:
Technical All Terrain Freestyle

The regular with twin tip boards in the YES. range are aimed at those riders who are looking for the ultimate in technical freestyle control. All three sizes are built around an advanced lightweight FSC approved Poplar with Beech reinforced Twin Tip wood core, featuring CamRock construction.
This state of the art design combines camber between the feet with rocker at the tip and tail. By combining camber and rocker you get a board that has superb stability and increased turning control whilst still feeling shorter through the length and reducing the likelihood of hooking up on a rail, also the rocker in the tip gives superb float in deeper snow.

Added t o this are torsionally stiff tri-ax glass for increaded pop and a super fast 6000 grade sintered base. By using top end materials and the latest thinking in board design YES. has managed to create one of the best performing freestyle boards on the market that has the unique ability to perform over the whole mountain.

More specs here.

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  1. November 28, 2009

    I’d love to have one of those boards!

  2. December 01, 2009

    You can also add brands like O-matic, Smokin, Palmer, and especially Bozwreck, that have based their start-up and marketing off their pro status. There are more too, but just sayin YES isn’t doing anything new in that respect.

  3. December 01, 2009

    Good point Robbie, definitely others have come before YES and started their own companies off their pro days.