Loveland 11/1/09

01 Nov, 2009

I treated my friends great by being the designated driver at Halloween last night so I could enjoy snowboarding today and it paid off with a fun day on snow.  I even forgot that it was daylight savings but luckily my phone kept me on time for meeting up to shred.

I met up with Chris who runs snowboarderguide and we journeyed down with Doug.  Once at Loveland we met up with Dylan and Carly, other Steamboat instructors for a day of shredding.

Conditions were amazing, no lines when we arrived and only one time during the day where the lines were surprisingly long (didn’t last).  It was bluebird weather with no clouds in sight all afternoon and enough wind to make it not that warm outside.

Dylan layin it low

Chris on the rainbow box

I had a couple good falls today once when tail pressing I completely ate it and then on the dance box when trying boardslides again, let it slip out from underneath me.  I hiked back up and tried it again and will continue to get better at them.  It’s nice to have instructors around, Chris was great for giving me tips on getting it dialed for the next time.

I spotted the mini shred mafia upon arrival and caught up with them.  We’re all sporting the 686 love today so we got a picture of us on the chairlift.  I give props to kids who carry gummi bears on the mountain and they were stocked.

The mini shred’s are always fun to ride with and today was no exception.  I let them know how old Doug was and so they were quick to call him old man in the park.  Of course calling someone old man can lead to other consequences and Daniel got taken down.

Daniel on the rainbow box

Chicken on the flat box

I ended up snapping this sequence of Daniel on the dance box and pieced it into an animated image full of life.


It was definitely a fun day of shredding and perfect for ending the weekend on! Now it’s time to get back to normal life and countdown till demo season begins in just a short couple weeks!

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  1. November 01, 2009

    Ah shay, I got the best groms in the world! I love the shot on the chair with the 7twenty stickers on the the helmets!

  2. November 04, 2009

    Man, in Hokkaido the parks don`t usually get going until New Years. Looks like fun!