Loveland 11/14/09

14 Nov, 2009

There are definitely somedays when I hate waking up early even though I know I’ll be happy once I hit the snow and Saturday was that day for me.  The driving conditions were rough from Steamboat to Loveland which meant getting up earlier and going slower because of icy roads.
I managed to make it to Loveland just in time to meet Julie at the base of the mountain.  Julie and I met at Windell’s Camp in August and kept in touch after camp.  She flew out from the east coast for a visit and was able to get up to the mountains for some shred time.
Julie was stoked to be in CO
Saturday was also a demo day for Never Summer, they were on hand with all the 09-10 models and remained very busy all day at the demos.  I saw Madeleine and Larry demoing even more boards and I met Chad and John who also read the blog.
Throughout the day we ran into various people riding, from Steamboat Sonny and Molly were lapping park and I got a great shot of Molly on the dance box.
Ricky’s brother Billy
We also ran into Chicken who was out shredding and working on his tricks on the rainbow rail.
Julie on the rainbow box
However the best person of the day was this woman we met in line and rode the chairlift with.  First off I saw her season pass which puts everyone to shame, she is an older lady and her season pass had her in her bikini top showing off her rack…I was amazed!  Then she was also rocking the 686 women’s jacket that has pearls all over it and rocking the spandex ski pants.  Best person of the day and she spoke of moving to CO with no money and no place to live and of course years later she doesn’t regret it.
I had some ups and downs in my riding, the funniest moment was tree bonking and the tree punished me by taking my beanie (goggles stayed on for some reason) but my beanie was hanging in the tree.  Julie went to fetch it for me.
The roughest moment of the day was midway through when I was getting a shot of Sonny on the rainbow rail, we talked about me being below it and getting a shot.  Unfortunately I got slammed into, I was fine other than a bruise but I tried to ride down about 50 feet and had to stop because I got dizzy.  I think the rush of adrenaline from the crash and the lack of food, made it so I blacked out and had to lie down while I stopped feeling dizzy.  It was weird and scary, but I felt fine after we went inside.
Since it was dumping in Steamboat and snowing in Summit County, I stayed over at Joey’s versus driving home in the dark alone.  It was a wise choice and I spent Sunday back at Loveland because of it.

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  1. Mac
    November 15, 2009

    How bad were the roads on Saturday morning? The roads were terrible on friday night when i drove up, i was stuck in a traffic jam for an hour and a half on vail pass (which as always was wet/slushy/ ice) and then it got pretty fogy as we drove on.

  2. November 15, 2009

    In Steamboat once I hit hwy 40, I did a break test and just tapped the breaks to see if there was ice and my truck was sliding on the road from that. So the rest of the drive I took it slow and easy, didn’t encounter any problems but remained in 4wd over the passes. I heard friday night that the roads were getting worse so I knew Saturday would be slow.

    Dang on the traffic jam on Vail Pass, sketchy with those road conditions!

  3. gags
    November 16, 2009

    great to see you this weekend again…..finally got that stalefish to tailtap off the top of the rainbow!

    We had the best demo weekend ever, and busiest day ever Sunday……crazy numbers….big ups to the Boulder Snowboard Group for showing up and working it for all it was worth.

  4. November 16, 2009

    Yeah Gags I have that photo on sunday’s write up, amazing! Awesome the demos were a success!