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12 Nov, 2009

Intended Purpose: The zoom pack is a photographer’s backpack with customized compartments for camera equipment and a vertical board carry. I’m in no way a real photographer but wanted something to carry some of the camera equipment I do have and be able to travel with it without carrying camera equipment. It suits both of those needs for me.

Size: The Burton Zoom pack is 28L and weighs 4.5lbs.  I’ve found that unless I’m traveling with all my camera equipment, I leave the removable compartment at home so I can store other gear in the backpack easier.

Appearance: I absolutely hate camo on anything.  I like plaids, brights, solids…anything but camo.  However the price was right on the pack when I got it and I couldn’t let it go because of the ugly camo color.

Ease of Travel: The zoom backpack fits easily into the overhead compartments (sometimes more snug if I have the compartment in plus the laptop in).  Underneath the seats on planes, it takes up the area and definitely comes out a little bit which does limit your foot space, if you can put it above do it.  I have yet to slap someone with my backpack waist harness as I’m walking down the plane. Overall the ease of travel with the pack is super easy, I enjoy using it as my only carry-on because I can cram clothes into my pack and put magazines on the outside pocket for easy access on flights.

Ease of Packing: I have the pockets dialed, magazines in the front for easy access, laptop in the padded laptop compartment, small cool items like wallet, ipod, keys, etc in the small pocket, goggles in the larger top pocket, inside the pack depends on how much camera gear I’m bringing.  If it’s just the camera without extra lenses, I remove the compartment to put in extra gear like clothes into the pack plus the camera gear.  If I’m traveling with assortment of camera gear, I pack the compartments to fit each camera/camcorder/cables and equipment.  Side pockets are filled with water bottle or extra cables like apple charger and phone chargers.  I basically have a pocket for everything I need and if I plan to need more space for personal stuff, I leave the compartments out which also makes the pack less bulky (easier to fit in overhead bins). I also like that the compartment is accessible from the back of the pack, so I can lie it down on snow and have it open without worrying about snow getting in.

Features: The Burton Zoom pack features load balance waist harness with storage pockets, vertical board carry, padded laptop compartment, external shovel blade shove-it pocket, cush ergonomic shoulder harness, dual side panel light stem storage, ergonomic back panel, hideaway upper straps, padded customizable internal compartment, removable heater pocket for extended battery life, and removable storage pocket for film, cords, or batteries. The most necessity for me in a pack is a padded laptop compartment that my laptop fits in, comfortable which this pack fits my shoulders and waist just fine and the ability for easy access pockets. Access to the compartment from the back of the pack, makes it so I can totally open it and get gear without worrying about snow.

Durability: I bought this pack in July and traveled with it to every destination, every snowboarding trip and weekend trips since then. The pack is still in great condition, no major defects or wear on the pack. All the zippers are in working order.

Thoughts: I bought this bag in July when it was such a deal online, I had been wanting to purchase a camera pack and was deciding between Dakine and Burton when it came down to price. The Zoom pack is everything I wanted and needed in a pack, it lets me bring my camera gear when I need to but also leave it at home and just pack enough for a couple days on the road. I’ve found the perfect amount of pockets to bring all the nicknacks on the trip with me. Plus it never feels like it’s hurting me when I do pack it heavily with gear.

The best part was the cost, the pack is over 100 bucks and I waited and waited patiently until I found it for the remarkable price of $39 thanks to sierra’s 70% sale making it way more than affordable for me.   It’s now my favorite pack despite the ugly camo color.  One day I’ll upgrade to a better color.

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Review Disclosure: I purchased this product with my own money from sierrasnowboard when it was discounted to 70%…can you say hell yes!

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  1. JT
    November 12, 2009

    I love my zoom pack. I have the blue camo one.. it’s damn solid!