Review: High Sierra Single Padded Snowboard Bag

10 Nov, 2009

Intended Purpose: The High Sierra single padded snowboard bag is ideal for a riders first snowboard bag to fit their one setup for the snowboard trip once or a twice a year.  I travel a good amount during the season, so having a wheeled snowboard bag with multiple compartments benefits me more.

Size: The single padded snowboard bag holds up to 170cm which I found ideal for my snowboard sizes since they are below 160cm. The description says one snowboard but I was able to carry two snowboards without bindings in the board bag and probably could have done three snowboards.

Appearance: I like blue so the appearance of the single padded in blue is my favorite, it’s clean and simple.  It is better than black but it’s not a crazy original print that will stand out if you fly with other snowboard bags.

Ease of Travel: The best part of this bag is something I struggle with my wheelie locker, being below 50lbs when flying.  With the lightness of this bag and enough space for your gear you’ll easily be under 50lbs.  The shoulder straps help for carrying the board when traveling but for walking alot with it, having wheels is something I personally prefer.

Ease of Packing: The zippers are only on the top portion of the snowboard bag which I found difficult to evenly distribute packing other gear around it.  Typically in my snowboard bags I pack clothes around the board to help protect it.  With the single padded snowboard bag, since the zipper was only on the top portion once I put the snowboards into the bag, I had to cram and push down the jackets/clothes.  Just took more time and wasn’t really distributed well.

Features:  The High Sierra single padded snowboard bag features a fully padded main compartment meant for one snowboard (with bindings), zippered front accessory pocket, long webbing handles for a shoulder strap and extra large neoprene padded handle wrap for comfort.  It’s a quite simple snowboard bag, enough padding to help protect gear but also can be folded up easily.  I found that the best feature since I needed to bring a snowboard bag as a carry-on for my flight to California and planned to pick up 1 board (ended up being 2) for a flight from LA to San Fran.  The shoulder strap helped at the airport and getting the snowboard bag around, the neoprene handles also were a added comfort.  I’ve had older snowboard bags in the past that just hurt your hands to carry after a minute and you hate those bags.

Durability: After two flights, I started to see some wear and tear on the zippers but only from some cloth coming out and not sure how that will impact the zipper in the future.  Overall the bag delivered and no visible damage from traveling.  I encountered no damage to the snowboards on either flight.

Thoughts: This bag was much better than my first snowboard bag which was a pain to haul around years ago.  Now I’m onto wheelie bags which are incredible for traveling and suit me as a traveler since I travel more often with multiple snowboards and gear.  The added bonus of trying the high sierra snowboard bag was it was light, easy to fold up and suitable for traveling with boards (1 board with bindings or multiple boards without bindings).

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Traveling photo

Some wear and tear

High Sierra Single Padded Snowboard Bag Description


Review Disclosure: This product was given to me by High Sierra to test and review.

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  1. RvR
    November 10, 2009


    No need to disclose until December first, so keep the non-disclosed blogs coming. Seriously, bloggers only a have a couple weeks left.

    You hear that Nike? Only a couple more weeks. Hit me up.

  2. November 10, 2009

    I’m fine with disclosing before the rules go into effect, I usually would write in the post but now every review will have that at the bottom. Just wanting to be more honest about where gear comes from.

    Good luck with Nike!

  3. Vivi
    November 10, 2009

    I got the Ogio with wheels, awesome bag flew at least a dozen times in the past two year from east to west, north and south and still not a single tear, just a bit dirty 🙂

  4. November 11, 2009

    Sweet Vivi on the Ogio! I’ve always wondered how Ogio was and see them all the time flying into tradeshows as the luggage of choice for action sports.

  5. Pam
    November 12, 2009

    I recently bought a Dakine Tour Bag, in the Fall Strip colorway (so it matches my duffel and pack) 🙂

    I was considering a wheeled one for airports, but with baggage fees nowadays I’m kinda glad I went without. I’ve carried plenty of gear and never had a problem with the weight.

    I will be flying for the first time with this bag come February and I expect no problems. I’ve never had a problem with any Dakine gear.