Steamboat 11/29/09

29 Nov, 2009

I arrived back in Steamboat last night so today I enjoyed a good morning of sleeping in before deciding to wrangle up my gear and head to the mountain.  With no new snow on the slopes and people telling me how icy/cruddy the mountain is, I just went to Christie Peak to lap the terrain park for the afternoon.  There were no crowds so it was a mellow day on the slopes.

It didn’t take more than 1 run to run into people that I knew, saw Sonny and Molly plus a bunch of other instructors lapping park just like I was so I joined in with them.

I’m feeling a lot more confident on the rails, hitting them as much as possible but also trying to turn my board into a boardslide as well.  It’s still a work in progress and more mental from me that I am not doing it yet but I had fun just working on basics.  I also got another feature down today when I worked on bonking the logs at the bottom of the terrain park so now I’m at 6 features that I can hit in the park out of 12.

Sonny’s 180 over the bonk features

Nick is our new Terrain Park Manager for Steamboat and made laps with him today, here’s a shot of him on the skate style rail we have setup.

Molly’s boardslide on the box

Sonny’s nosepress on the rail

That was pretty much the day, easy afternoon and just lapping park.  I’m definitely looking forward to midweek laps this week but also hoping for more snow on the mountain.

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