The arrival of snow in Steamboat

13 Nov, 2009

Living in a mountain town has its ups and downs, but the one constant reminder of why you live here is for the reason I woke up with a smile on my face today, SNOW!

I anxiously await the arrival of snow, sometimes we get teased because it’s too early for it and other times we know that a warm spell will drive it away. When you know that it’s the last time you will see grass in your small mountain town, it’s something to feel good about because it means the snowboard season is about to begin.

I live in Steamboat Springs, Colorado in what I consider a small mountain town, it’s off in the distance of other mountains but its considered a destination resort and it has real people who live here.  The town is known for being friendly and while I wish I had Willie from Bluebird driving around yelling fuck at people…it wouldn’t make this town what it is.  For those who live here, we’re happy because we live in a place where people spend vacations but we know that tourists pay our living so why insult them or be mean to those willing to live in cities and support our mountain?

Yesterday the mountain was bare except for a real white ribbon of death patch from snowmaking and today I woke up to a couple inches of new snowfall…the first of plenty to start out our season.  So this morning it meant playing outside with my dog for her chance to eat the snowfall that would soon stack up outside my house and make my commute to work now longer than 5 minutes.

There is still another 12 days till my mountain opens but I’m counting down and looking forward to another amazing season on snow.

I’ve lived in Steamboat since 2006 and I’m now coming up on my last season here as I start to look to see what other opportunities lie ahead when my lease comes to an end in May.  While Steamboat holds a place in my heart, it’s not the end of the road for my travels yet.

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  1. November 13, 2009

    hahaha @ Willie…. it’s those small shenanigans in mountain towns that makes me smirk

    i have to come up to steamboat this year!!!!!!

  2. walove
    November 13, 2009

    we got 20″ in town in bozeman

  3. Jon K
    November 14, 2009


    Here it’s still pretty much summer, aside from the occasional rain shower.


  4. Tracy
    November 14, 2009

    yeah.. i think the snow might be here for good this time too : ) It’s sad you’re leaving… Hopefully it will dump all winter, and your last season here will be a great one : )

  5. November 15, 2009

    I do love Willie and his fun in JH, just hilarious but yeah wouldn’t work in the boat, haha.

    Lauren you better!

    Walove, that’s awesome, I heard the NW just got pounded on which is great to see a early start this year!

    Jon K, bummer on the summer!

    Tracy, I hope so and definitely looks like it. Yeah I think just the way things are going that once my lease is up for good, it’s time for a new adventure. Unsure yet where but starting to figure it out. I hope so too. I’ll definitely be back, there’s a chance I might not move far from the boat.