The Gore-Tex Experience

11 Nov, 2009

It’s been two weeks since I traveled to the east coast for 48 hours with the Gore-Tex Experience More Blogger Summit and the opportunity to see inside the doors at Gore-Tex.  Coming from a snowboard background, I was clearly in the snowboard bubble when I arrived and found myself learning just how much Gore is involved in many other aspects of intelligence around the world from military to biological to medical.  I remember feeling overwhelmed the first night because of how much information I was taking in, that went above and beyond your typical mm/gm ratings of snowboard outerwear.  However overwhelming the experience was, it was very educating and eye opening.

Each day of the Blogger Summit we really went in-depth into Gore-Tex and  Day 2 really opened my eyes on the snowboard side of Gore-Tex for waterproofing and breathability.

When I came back from the experience, I read an outsider’s point of view about the experience and how it offered a look into advertising entering the 21st century. Each of us were invited through their own research and when we talked about it, that they wanted to meet us.  All the bloggers present were very nice, honest and genuinely interested in what they wrote about on their blogs.  We weren’t controversial but we had opinions/thoughts about Gore Tex that we wanted to find out more about.  For me it was personally just seeing the testing involved and getting that behind the scenes look at what a company will do to remain durable and quality.  That being green could be not green-washing your company and creating a product that lasts longer than others.  That being a guaranteed product means making sure the companies you work with, continue to be guaranteed and audits to make sure performance standards are upheld.  It’s responsible, ethical and driven to create something that might cost more but is more valuable.

Jason who does geartalkwithjason did an amazing job capturing video during the Blogger Summit.  Here’s a couple he did about the summit and some technical information we went over during our visit.

I’m always fascinated by how people view things and that one event can be viewed so differently in someone else’s eyes.  The other bloggers at the summit have posted up photos and their articles which are also worth checking out.

The 15 blogs present were:

Rebecca with (Rock Climbing)

Eileen with (Rock Climbing)

Jeff with (Mountain Biking/Cycling)

Casey with (Hiking)

Jason with (Hiking)

Steve with (skiing)

myself with (snowboarding)

Chris with (snowboarding)

Travis with (skiing & snowboarding)

Roy with (camping)

Tim with (gear)

Stephen with (gear)

Justin with (outdoor lifestyle)

and we had two moderators Chance and Jake from

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  1. November 11, 2009

    I always thought the dryer was the worst thing for GoreTex. Awesome to know that its not! Thanks Shay.

  2. November 12, 2009

    Thanks for posting the bloggers who were there! I added 11 people to a twitter list. I couldn’t find some people.