Dew Tour Breckenridge: Slopestyle Finals

20 Dec, 2009

Today was the last day of the Totino’s Open aka Dew Tour at Breckenridge with an afternoon ending of slopestyle finals for the men and women.  The afternoon start time meant a morning of snowboarding at Breckenridge and checking out the booths for their full fun factor.  I was able to make turns with Mike from Signal on my new Custom Signal OG (handpainted by me), it’s a 148cm so it’s my new small jib board but I still had a blast riding it today.

The reason I came to the Dew Tour this weekend was for one of the blog readers, Leslie who works with Fuse Marketing.  We met yesterday and were able to meet up for turns today.  We ended up lapping the mountain till contest time and were able to find runs to ourselves despite the long lines at the base of Peak 8.

One of the highlights from the day was realizing the potential of no-backs (much more to come on nobacks) and Leslie found out through first hand experience when her Rome highback completely broke while riding.

Leslie and I made our way to the tower access since we had Totino’s tower access passes for the event.  We ended up at the wrong tower where we found out that instead of pizza rolls (snowboarder delicatessen) that we would enjoy shrimp and prime rib instead.

From the tower we had a good view of the people hiking up to watch the slopestyle course action from the side of the halfpipe.  Unfortunately not a good view of the course so we headed back to the chairlift to take a run to the course.

The slopestyle course was a bit trickier to snap photos and I found out that the live broadcast was definitely the way to go for getting the whole experience.  I watched the women’s runs from above the jump so they got the best jump shots before I moved down to the features for the men’s slopestyle runs.  I didn’t get to catch each riders full run but I heard that some people questioned the judging from today’s slopestyle contest.  I’ll definitely be watching the contest on tv to check out the full runs and collect my own opinion.

Jamie Anderson took home first place for the women

Jenny Jones took home 3rd place for the women

Chas Guldemond boardsliding the top of the Breck wallride

Mikkel Bang destroying a new Toyota Truck

Scotty Lago on the toyota box feature

Eric Willett from Omatic threw down as the sun went down and received 3rd place

After watching the excitement of the slopestyle finals, everyone in our area strapped in to make our way down to the bottom of the course for the awards ceremony.  I won’t lie, I rode the Dew Tour Slopestyle Course (just didn’t hit any features).

The women’s slopestyle winners:  1st place Jamie Anderson, 2nd place Sarka Pancochova, and 3rd place Jenny Jones

The Men’s slopestyle winners:  1st place Tyler Flanagan, 2nd place Sage Kotsenburg and 3rd place Eric Willett.

New Zealand rider Shelly Gotlieb and Yobeat’s Nick Lipton at the bottom of the Dew Tour.  I definitely used the shot where Shelly looked good, sorry Nick.

I first met Jamie Anderson at Salomon/Bonfire’s Backyard Bang in Denver and was stoked to see her take home 1st in the Slopestyle today.  She kills it and it’s impressive to watch her throw down, plus she’s super nice in person.

I am really nervous when it comes to being interviewed or put on camera, I smile and laugh a lot…so It’ll be interesting to see how I did when James Sullivan interviewed me from about the blog and what’s to come.  It was an honor to be interviewed but I need to work on my goofyness.

James Sullivan and David from

Earlier in the day Leslie and I had a Bull-Off at the Matador tent with the mechanical bull and it was captured in this video of the Bull-Off.  I’d like to see more Bull-Off’s in the future, so hopefully it’ll happen.

Bull-Off at the Totino’s Open Breckenridge from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

It was my first time attending the Dew Tour/Totino’s Open at Breckenridge and definitely an eye opening experience on another contest in snowboarding.  It was great seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones while watching all the action from the sidelines.  It’s good to be back home and looking forward to the holiday week ahead.

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