Dew Tour Breckenridge: Superpipe Finals

19 Dec, 2009

Throughout the week the qualifiers have been going on at Breckenridge for the Totino’s Open aka Dew Tour and while I missed them, I was happy to come down for the finals today and tomorrow.  Waking up to this view of Breckenridge Mountain this morning was amazing.

I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Totino’s Open/Dew Tour at Breckenridge after watching the events earlier this week, I definitely thought it was the commercialized version of snowboarding.  I was kind of blown away by the sponsors that have their hand in snowboarding but as a result it was a huge turnout from crowds.

I went out last night to the bars which was a lot of fun but definitely meant a later start this morning, unfortunately missing the women’s pipe finals.  As much as I love watching and promoting women, the men go higher and bigger.

It’s been an interesting journey when it comes to being recognized as a form of media by major outlets & contests.  Luckily for me, the blog has been tremendous in the growth and recognition so that I can get the coveted press pass for events.  I just enjoy showing them without focusing entirely on the riders and since I’m no pro photographer I just enjoy the experience.

I arrived just in time to watch the final 12 compete in the men’s superpipe finals.  Some of the bigger names were missing from the action but that gave the other riders who might not be as popular a good chance to get their names out to the crowds.

Danny Davis held it down in 1st place and took home the best score in Dew Tour history (even better than Shaun White)

Ikka -Eemeli Laari

Zach Black

Fedrik Austbo

Steve Fisher

Scotty Lago

Janne Korpi

A lone photographer checking out her images in the media section of the Dew Tour.

The women’s winners:  1st place Queralt Castellet, 2nd place Sarah Conrad, 3rd place Kjersti Buaas

Jack Mitrani was hard at work capturing Danny Davis on camera.  The Frends crew are definitely getting good recognition.

The men’s winners:  1st place Danny Davis, 2nd place Iouri Podladtchikov, 3rd place JJ Thomas

Nick from Yobeat was on hand to bring out the dark and mysterious look of snowboarding to the Dew Tour.

Katie from Alli Sports talking with Marc (High Times) and his wife Jen

After the finals and awards ended, I rode down to the base of the mountain to check out the sponsors booths.  There were plenty of people on hand to check out the latest from snowboard brands and popular non-snowboard brands.

I made my way to the Omatic booth where Todd Richards was holding down the fort preparing mentally for the autograph session.

Omatic team riders in full force:  Pro team riders Chanelle Sladics, Todd Richards, Louie Vito and AM team rider Billy Mackey.

Plenty of people came up to Todd, Chanelle and Louie for autographs at the Omatic booth.

Signal snowboards was out in full force with demos and they brought along my custom handpainted OG snowboard that I made while visiting the factory in October.  I am stoked to ride my own custom board, thank you Signal!

After checking out the events and talking with various people, it was definitely time for a much needed ride break so I made laps with some of the crew before calling it a day.  Looking forward to tomorrow’s slopestyle finals and another day of fun at Breckenridge.

Finally a huge thanks to Marc at High Times who allowed me to borrow his spare camera for today (my camera malfunctioned due to extreme stupidity on my part).

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  1. lee
    December 21, 2009

    Good to see danny do well. I always root for my mitten state homies! Hope her fares just as well in the grand prix’s. Don’t know if he’s trying for the olympics or not but it would definately make me stoked to see him there.