Photo Talk with Snowboarder Magazine’s Ryan “Huggy” Hughes

10 Dec, 2009

We are living in the age of the internet where anyone with a camera can call themselves a photographer but no matter how many shots you take, that first photo in a magazine is celebrated. Their hard work is paid off in the issue dedicated to snowboard photography, the Photo Annual.

I caught up with Snowboarder Magazine’s photos editor Ryan “Huggy” Hughes to find out more about their Photo Annual’s selection process and who is the most interesting man in snowboarding.

Shay:  Describe how the selection process is what photos make the Snowboarder Magazine photo annual?
Huggy: In the selection process I look for the most compelling an unique photos of the year. Also I look for commonalities between photos so the layout flows well.

Shay: Is the Photo Annual just for on staff photographers or can freelance photographers get their shots published?
Huggy: The photo annual is for Senior photographers as well as contributors. It fluctuates, but its a around a 50-50 mix.

Shay: What’s your personal favorite photo from the Photo Annual and why that shot?
Huggy: Oh geez, that’s hard to say. If I have to pick one I’d say the Johnnie Paxson shot on Page 95, shot by E-stone. Its the action that is mind blowing in this shot, and the high contrast black and white image printed very well… I love the gaping skier in the background too.

Shay: What do you recommend to upcoming photographers today, what does Snowboarder Magazine look for?
Huggy: Get out in the backcountry. Further and higher. Shoot that pow!

Shay: So who is the man from the “most interesting man in snowboarding” video? Was he modeled after anyone we might know of?
Huggy: He is a mysterious man eh? Not sure of his true origins, but I overheard people calling him “Taters” whatever that means.


Shay: Thanks to Huggy for photo talk!

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  1. December 10, 2009

    Huggy calls it like he sees it! Always respect his views and thoughts on photographing snowboarding. Maybe one day I will get a cover shot that is EPIC!

  2. December 11, 2009

    Nice interview!

  3. Monica
    December 13, 2009

    You crack me up, Ryry!