Review: Siege Stealth Earbuds

22 Dec, 2009

Intended Purpose: The stealth earbuds are meant for listening to the tunes while snowboarding and not worrying about lower quality or tangled cords.  The people behind Siege Audio are snowboarders and so it’s no surprise that these earbuds can be taken on and off the mountain.

Sound: I’m no expert on sound quality but just a snowboarder who listens to music when riding.  Compared to my skullcandy headphones the sound is better and clearer.  My one complaint is that the earbud really is good at knocking out sound as well, which means when I’m on the mountain I tend to only put in one earbud so I can hear outside sounds better.  When I’m at work or working out, it’s easy to put in both earbuds and totally zone out from my surroundings.

Appearance: The stealth earbuds come in multiple colors, I have the plain grey ones with black earbuds and no complaints on the appearance.  The cord is woven nylon and so far that hasn’t been an issue in cold temperatures or bothering me on the mountain.

Ear Fit: I have a hard time sticking earbuds into my ears and expecting them to stay all day long without hurting my ears.  The apple earbuds always hurt my ears within an hour of listening to music so it was a good surprise that the stealth earbuds didn’t do that.  I could listen to music while working out or sitting at work for hours and I haven’t had any pain in the ears yet.

Features: The stealth earbuds come with a variety of features including tangle free cords which are pretty good at not getting too tangled up, the cord control system I haven’t used that way but I can see why it would be good to loop them around your neck and not worry about the extra tension when you move. There’s an in-line volume adjustor that makes it easy to control the volume on the move.  The best feature for me is the memory foam caps on the earbuds and they give you multiple styles that can work with your ears.  I ended up losing one of the earbuds during traveling and was able to grab an extra one from the package.

Durability: So far no problems with durability on the cables or the earbuds and the tangle free is nice.  I shoved the earbuds into my backpack and traveled around with them and it was easy to pull them out without worrying about them being badly tangled up.

Thoughts: Before the season started I spent most of my time listening to the stealth earbuds in the office or at the gym where I definitely liked the sound quality so far.  On the mountain, I found that I could wear them when I had an ipod pocket in my jacket but if I wore them where there could be tension, they wouldn’t hold as well in my ears (hence the cord control system) but I never tried that.  Personally for me, it blocks out a lot of sound that I feel more comfortable with only one earbud in while riding but if I want to completely zone out and can do that with no worries, they are the earbuds I’d rock.

I like that I can shove them into my pocket and grab them when I need or want them on the mountain.  It’s another way to listen to music on the mountain.  It’s nothing crazy technology advanced but it does play music and for me, it offered a good fit to my ears so that I didn’t feel pain while listening to music.

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Siege Stealth Earbuds with my ipod

Riding time with it

Siege Stealth Description


Review Disclosure: This product was given to me from Siege.

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  1. Mike
    December 22, 2009

    How do they work with your helmet on? Still comfortable, or do does the helmet push on them badly?

  2. December 22, 2009

    Mike, good question since I just got the helmet I haven’t ridden with them while wearing the helmet yet. I’ll try them out and get back to you on that.

  3. Mike
    January 07, 2010

    Shay, I tore up my old ear buds during the last week of snowboarding. I picked up a set of the Stealths at Affordable Music in Dillon, for $32. They sound excellent and come with lots of ear bud bulb options. The cords are really heavy duty and they fit reasonably well under my helmet too.

  4. January 07, 2010

    Nice Mike! I gave a extra set to my friend whose been rocking them as well on the mountain. Good to hear you are liking your set. I finally put mine on under the helmet and doesn’t hurt my ears. I asked my friend if they hurt his under the helmet and he agreed that they didn’t.

  5. Steve
    March 07, 2010

    Hi. Just wanted to put to say a few things about the Siege Audio Stealth earbuds. While there are qualities I love about the earbuds (fit and comfort, sound quality, tangle-free cords), I’ve had problems with the jack. I’m on my second set and after 6 months of use, they’re already losing connection on the left side. I sent my first pair in for warranty and this is my second pair, and I’m skeptical of buying another set of Siege Audios. The issue is that their plugs are undersized. I measured and compared them to stock Apple earbuds. They’re undersized enough to where they lose connection after just a little bit of wear.

    Well…off to email Siege and hope they warranty them again.