Shay Update: Contests & Christmas

08 Dec, 2009

I know winter has arrived when the sounds outside my house are filled with the snow plow doing the morning drive-by and the quietness of a town covered in snow.  It means waking up a bit earlier, dressing warmer and getting to enjoy shred time on the mountain which is why I live in a resort town. I was expecting December to be a quiet month but some events came up that I decided to attend just before the holidays hit and grounded me back in Steamboat.

Here’s a couple events coming up that I’ll be attending and it’s great to see what contests are welcoming bloggers as media.

Grand Prix – Copper Mountain

I wasn’t planning on attending the Grand Prix but an editor from one of the snowboard magazines convinced me I should go so it was hard to say no.  I got my media credential so I’ll be on the scene capturing the event from the sidelines and seeing how it goes down.  This years Grand Prix is the first Olympic Qualifying event for halfpipe. I’m actually pretty excited for it, love watching halfpipe and while it’s scary being around “real” photographers I’m just happy enjoying the whole thing without worrying about getting the shot.

Dew Tour – Breckenridge

One of my readers actually mentioned this one and meeting up at the event so I looked into going, filled out the media credential paperwork and am planning on being down for the finals of slopestyle and halfpipe.  This is another new event to the mix for me and looking forward to seeing the riders in action on the slopes…let alone the action unfold in Breckenridge off the slopes.


Each year two single girls (my mom and I) spend Christmas together and this year is no different.  She’ll be coming out for a week and saving me from resort town living with delicious home cooked dinners and much needed family time.  I’m hoping to get my mother out on the snowboard this year in a lesson and gear so she can try it out.   During Christmas week I’ll try to keep the blog updated as much as possible but there might be a much needed day off in there.

Shred Life

I’m about to hit my 25th day of the season which lets me know I’m well on my way to another 100 day season of shredding.  I’m continuing to try out products and get them to the point where I feel comfortable reviewing them.  There’s still a good amount of snowboard and binding reviews on the way  and in between ride time I’m always looking for article ideas/discussion topics to expand upon.  I’m still balancing a full time job with the blog so sometimes it takes longer for a response from me but I’m always here for questions.  You’ll notice advertisers/supporters are on the blog, they make it so I have income to fully support the blog and pay for trips like the ones above.

Other than that, I’m stoked on the winter and seeing how it progresses into the end of season for me.  There’s some unknowns but I’m finally ready to try something new for a change.

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  1. December 09, 2009

    Holy cow I can’t believe you’ve already hit day 25. I think I’m at day 4. Geez girl!

    Happy Holidays! I hope we can meet up again soon 🙂