Sneak Peak: Pom-Pom covers up in 10-11

02 Dec, 2009

The crew over at Pom-Pom are heating up their line for 2010-2011 with the addition of facemasks and necktubes to keep your face warm on the mountain.  I’ve been trying out their necktube for the last month and on those cold days I like not having to adjust it, just pull it up over my face and I’m golden on a run.

I recently caught up with Sarah Cameron, founder & Co-owner of Pom-Pom to find out more about the products, “For 10/11 we’re going to be offering a 1 ply (for warmer temps), a 2 ply (for all temps) and one lined with fleece (for cold temps). The face mask will come lined with fleece and the narf (a wrap-around neck warmer) is made for on/off hill and is lined with fleece. The face mask and narf come in limited designer prints and the neck tubes are offered in a moisture-wicking fabric (so they don’t freeze up on you) and will also be offered in a knitted jersey.”

Hot Pink beanie with Neck Tube

Narf (wrap-around neck warmer for on/off hill)

Pink squares Narf

Pink Rainbow Garden Facemask

Blue POM POM beanie with Lime green/blue Facemask

White Rainbow Garden Facemask

If you want to get your hands on these before the 10-11 season, Shreddingbettyis actually going to have a super limited supply of the neck stuff and beanies.

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  1. doriux
    December 03, 2009

    love the facemasks 🙂

  2. Emmmily
    December 27, 2009

    I’m lovin’ the bobble hats XD
    Want a GREEN one though ;D