Steamboat 12/1/09

01 Dec, 2009

With Steamboat open, it means being able to get out a couple days during work for a ride break.  It’s one of the perks of living and working in a resort town and although I work a Monday-Friday job, I still have flexible lunch breaks to enjoy some much needed shred time.

Riding in the gondola alone

This morning I hit the mountain by myself for a couple laps and although conditions have been firm hardpacked it was good to get out on the empty mountain to just enjoy turns but I wish I had brought music with me.

I didn’t know till I came inside from riding but as I was riding down Heavenly Daze, photographer Larry Pierce got a shot of me riding down the mountain.  As someone who is always behind the camera, it was cool to get a shot even though you can’t see my face I’m still stoked!

The last lap I took through the park and hit up the first couple features.  I feel a lot more confident in the park and mornings like today where it was empty was a blast since I could just lap it over and over without worrying about waiting in lines.

There are some days when riding alone is a bummer but I definitely have other days where I enjoy the silence and just hearing the sounds around me.  It was good to get in some laps before work and start the day out right.

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  1. dank
    December 01, 2009

    love this.

  2. JP
    December 02, 2009

    Shay, is the sizing on that 686 jacket different then the rest of the line? I tried it on last night and it was freakin huge compared to other 686 jackets I have tried. Unless they just made everything baggier this year.

  3. December 02, 2009

    JP, I’d say 686 fits bagger than most brands. I rock the same size in most of the line and I prefer it baggier.

  4. ghostovan
    December 02, 2009

    Hey JP, i’ve got the same thoughts after some checks at local store.
    And my size “M” (common choice for me) jacket already waits me at the post (got same as yours Shay, thanks for pics they made my mind:)) and it seems that i’ll go for “M” pants to add LOTS of style to my looks. I’m just 5’7″ft and 140lb.. but who damn cares?!=)
    Baggy is classic of snowboarding!;)

  5. mark
    December 02, 2009

    uggggh, you’re killing me. get me out of texas now!

  6. JP
    December 02, 2009

    Yeah I have a Smarty from a few years ago I think and it fits pretty decent I could probably go XL I would have thought at 6’2″ 185. an XL of the denim style jacket was ok but the plaid one was huge. I really want the 686 NB shell in black but only Mediums and XL are available. Cant find it in any stores to try on so I ordered a Md. to test the size. Hoping M or XL works so I can get it since L seems to be long sold out.

  7. December 02, 2009

    Sweet ghost! It’s a good softshell jacket. My only gripe is the lack of inside pockets it’s not as feature specific as other 686 jackets. I have to review it still but that will be in there. For a softshell it’s great though.

    Mark, sorry! Definitely time for a vacation!

    JP, Good luck with testing the size on the NB. I froogled it and it looks like Moda3 has the best New Balance selection with sizing right now. Here’s what they have and they have Large’s

  8. JP
    December 03, 2009

    Whoa, thanks Shay! They were previously out and now they have 1 in stock. I have to jump on that.

  9. December 03, 2009

    Sweet definitely get on that, stoked they have it for you!