Steamboat 12/13/09

13 Dec, 2009

I should have stayed in summit county for the progression series last night but I felt like heading home and sleeping in today with a relaxing day.  After I arrived back in Steamboat, the storm rolled in and delivered a ton of new snow today.  I ended up riding with Amy, Amanda and David.

A huge thanks to Philip for letting me borrow his Union CMYK bindings so I could spend today on the mountain.  If you missed it, my lotus and union force SL bindings got stolen from my truck on friday.  Today I spent time on the 10-11 NS prototype (it’s not the summit despite the graphics).

Snowboarding makes me happy

Riding conditions were fun, the new snow was helping cover up some rougher terrain on the mountain but we definitely need a lot more snow on the way to open up the entire mountain.

Amy riding down

After a couple runs we headed to the newly opened Rabbit Ears Terrain Park which now has 7 jumps set up with smallest to largest progression in them.  I just went in to check it out and ride through on the right side where the rails will be moved to after tomorrow.

The last couple jumps in the park

Amanda’s last run she tried for some powder and enjoyed a wipeout

I didn’t stay too long on the mountain, went in and drank a beer with Doug.  The snow was coming down by the time I left and it’s definitely going to be awesome powder tomorrow morning.

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  1. jmr
    December 14, 2009

    what, if anything, can you say about the prototype? Where does it fit in their line-up?

  2. JordanS
    December 15, 2009

    Hey Shay,
    Sorry to hear about the bindings. I’m going on a trip to Steamboat with my friends.
    We live in Southern California, we’ll probably be there next
    We’re traveling from Cali, so I’d like to week. Do you have any suggestions on what ticket deals we should get? Gotta have gas money to get back haha, thanks for your help!

  3. JordanS
    December 15, 2009

    RE EDIT (that last half was terrible)
    We’re coming from Callifornia, and we plan to stay for at least a week.
    We will be there next week.
    Know any ticket deals we should buy or be aware of?
    Thanks again Shay.

  4. December 15, 2009

    JMR, It’s replacing a board in the line-up is what I’m told. Imagine lighter, freeride.

    Jordan, Sweet on coming to Steamboat! I think you might just miss the Ski Free Package, it’s lodging but free tickets until the 18th when you book that package. The only way to really get ticket deals in town is to buy a lodging package through the mountain. I will say I love steamboat but a week here is a long time and the mountain isn’t fully open. If I had a week, I’d do a couple days here, a couple days in summit county to ride the other nearby mountains (still 2 hours away).