Steamboat 12/3/09

03 Dec, 2009

I was able to get away from the daily grind of work to enjoy a couple laps through the park with my co-worker Loryn today.  It was her first time hitting boxes in the park so although we have different sticks on our feet, we set out to get her in the park and having a good time which we accomplished!

As soon as we hit up Christie Peak Express, we ran into Jerry who helped give key advice and was great to have around during my “trying to teach basics of park to a skier” lesson.

Loryn and Jerry

The first steps were to scope the park and have her ski through while I hit the features.  She was able to get a idea of what they looked like and the size while watching me on my snowboard.  Our second lap she then skied straight over (I guess it’s 50/50 on skis too?!?) and eventually each lap she was riding the features easier and easier.

Loryn goal was to boardslide a box but the fear of turning sideways got to her and even though she didn’t today, she was definitely feeling a lot more comfortable on the rails by the time we came in from our ride break.  The most important thing I’ve seen about learning something new is always making it a fun experience and it definitely was that today.  While I just lapped park and got shots of her learning, it was fun for me to continue my progress and help her with her progress on the mountain.

Definitely looking forward to the end of the work week since it’s been a busy week and getting to enjoy the mountain a bit more with friends this weekend.

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  1. fatscot
    December 04, 2009


    I am looking to get more into the park over the coming years. I would be really interested in hearing your schedule for the park; what you are hitting and how often, what steps you are taking in your progression and what has helped in your progression. And some pictures woud be ace too.

    Hmm sounds like quite a hefty post this!


  2. December 04, 2009


    I can definitely write about it and I’ll look into doing a video/photos for writing about my progression. I’m still working on my progression as well so it’s a work in progress. This year I’ve been focusing more on park and rails because that’s something I have wanted to do for a while. So yes I definitely can!

  3. laz
    December 04, 2009

    You have no Idea how lucky you are to being able to ride, here in the Ice Coast we havent been able to do so and most resorts keep pushing the dates back. I’ll be lucky if I’ll get to ride X-Mas. Enjoy.