Steamboat 12/4/09

04 Dec, 2009

Despite the really cold temperatures that have been hitting Colorado, I set out today on my ride break to warm up my body with park laps.  Nothing has really changed on the mountain, no new snow and no new features but that doesn’t bother me since I’m still working on getting comfortable in the park.  Like anything in snowboarding, I know that doing it over and over will make sure it comes naturally to me at sometime in the future.

I made a couple calls but no one was up riding so I figured I would lap park till I ran into someone.  I came prepared with music just in case I needed to zone out.

It only took a run till I met up with Sonny & Molly with a couple of their friends.  It’s been awesome being able to run into people and just lap the terrain park during ride breaks.  It personally means I can get a good amount of runs in with the park and Christie Peak Express chairlift right next to it.

Molly on the C-box

Sonny’s nosepress on the rail

So I realize I haven’t gotten any shots of me lately which is fine cause I know I’ll get some soon and maybe this weekend.  I personally just need to balls up and start boardsliding but I’ve been a bit hesitant about it.  I have been hitting more features in the park, my typical run now is the mini rainbow box, flat 5ft box and flat 10 ft box, wider dance box and I believe the flat 15ft box.  Plus when I get to the bottom I can bonk the log jib from the side (still working on higher airs and spinning off it).  Compared to last year that’s a whole lot of features that I never hit and now I hit them comfortably.  Here’s to the weekend beginning and more time on the mountain!

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  1. Molly
    December 05, 2009

    Shay I love riding with you!!! Thank you for taking pics of me! Next time were out I will grab the camera and get some shots of you!

  2. December 05, 2009

    Hey Shannon,
    My unsolicited advice is to get some protective gear. Wearing a helmet and impact shorts has really boosted my confidence in the park. I hate wearing the impact shorts (what female wants to wear something that makes her butt look bigger…) but after landing ass to rail and walking away unscathed I was sold.
    I rode Blackcomb yesterday. It was ice with a sprinkling of fresh snow on top. It was almost fun, but not quite.

  3. JB
    December 05, 2009

    go at your own speed and it’ll all come together
    I do agree on the helmet front

  4. December 06, 2009

    Thanks Molly!

    Jessica and JT, definitely I’m looking into a helmet this year…something I’ve never done but now with riding rails more often it makes more sense since I want to progress.