Steamboat 12/5/09

05 Dec, 2009

After a couple morning errands in Steamboat I picked up Amy and Tessa on the way to the mountain for a day of snowboarding.  We took the gondola up and met Philip at the top for a couple laps on BC chairlift and what terrain was open.

The conditions have been no new snow and machine made snow for the past week, definitely getting some icy runs with the cold temperatures we’ve been having.

Amy cruising down Heavenly Daze

I’m content right now just working on my park riding and so I took Amy into the park to get her on some of the boxes for practice.  She learned the hard way about using your edges on the box but overall she did a great job on getting on the boxes.

I kept lapping the terrain park while Philip went to work and Amy went to get more turns in, so after I ran into Tamra and Andy to continue the afternoon park session.  It was a busy day in the park and empty on the mountain but that also meant some close calls as well.

A Winter Sports Club coach taking his whole class across the park, cutting off skiers and riders.  My WTF moment of the day.

Tamra on the rail and some kid riding off (the kid is priceless)

I’d been working on my boardslides but still being hesitant (mostly cause I have a helmet on the way) so today I practiced more speed on the longer 15ft box and still just playing around.

Shot of me on the box (Thanks Andy!)

Andy’s 180 to tail tap over the mailbox bonk feature at the bottom of the park

While lapping the terrain park, I spotted a sticker on someone’s helmet!  So I ended up stopping to talk to Ryan who was sporting the sticker and he was one of the CMC students last year that I gave stickers out to.  Thanks for the support Ryan!

We’re supposed to get new snow in Steamboat very soon, so anxiously awaiting that arrival and also just stoked it’s the weekend.  Things are about to get busy on weekends so love the downtime that I currently have.

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  1. ghostovan
    December 06, 2009

    The flying kid is hilarious!=)

    Btw, it’s great to see your pics Shay! So cheer for Andy!;)