Steamboat 12/6/09

06 Dec, 2009

I woke up at 9am on Sunday to no new snow in Steamboat and went back to sleep, by the time I hit the mountain at noon it was dumping snow with a couple inches accumulation.  That’s how quickly it changes here.  By the time I made it to my gear at the base of the mountain, it had stopped snowing but I was ready to make laps.

Despite the new snow conditions weren’t the best, dust on crust for most of the lower mountain and overcast skies.  I didn’t mind just sticking to terrain park.  I ended up running into Eric, Steph, Andy, Erin, Dylan, Jeremy and Erin’s husband (didn’t get his name).  We just lapped park and when the married couples with kids left, the three of us unmarried stuck around to keep lapping park (me, Dylan and Jeremy).  That’s the fun thing about snowboarding, I just met them and we ended up heading out for beers after riding.

Outside of park, it was good to see this when I looked down at my board again.  We had a couple new inches on the mountain so there were some spots on the sides of runs where you could enjoy some of the new snow.

I got this shot of Eric getting some float off the side of the run at the top of Christie Peak Express.

The park today was a blast, softer landings with the new snow and the park crew was grooming to make sure the run-in’s were good.  I was stoked because I felt a lot more comfortable on the longer box that I have to ollie to and get a lot more speed more than the mini features.  I was still 50-50’ing but it was fine for me.

By the end of the day, I tried riding the mini rainbow switch and was able to do the box!  I was stoked, something new for me!

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  1. December 07, 2009

    fuck yeah, you did the rainbow switch?!?! i suck so bad at switch hahaha i can’t approach switch at all… ask adrian, he saw me do it at the traffic jam, so sketchy. funny though. now try switch to regular! or regular to fakie!!!! after you start sneaking in some boardslides of course

    we have to come up and visit and ride with you!!!!!!!!!