Steamboat 12/9/09

09 Dec, 2009

A winter storm hit Steamboat which delivered 10 inches in the past 48 hours allowing for the opening of more terrain on the mountain.  Despite the cold temperatures it’s hard not to get out and enjoy the new snow on the mountain.

The only bad part is the really extreme cold temperatures we’ve been having, -11 degrees and wind chill which meant covering up any skin.  Today I tried out a Ride Qi Alpha mask which helped with the wind chill but wasn’t as warm as I would have hoped.

Steamboat opened with top to bottom terrain today with the operation of Storm Peak chairlift.  Unfortunately there was a cloud settled over the top that made visibility really low and very very cold.  Luckily the chair ride up, Philip and I had a good laugh to distract from the cold especially when I told him I wasn’t wearing any underwear…long underwear!

We only took one run up top due to the low visibility, hard to see anything and I definitely had the vertigo feeling for a some of the run when I couldn’t tell what was up or down.

To end the day we finished it with a couple laps through the park and I got a better feel for the signal omni on the boxes which I was stoked on.

Philip on the cbox

Hopefully the temps get a bit warmer but until then I’ll be enjoying the park and hoping for more terrain on the mountain.  I’ll be heading down to the Grand Prix to watch the Friday and Saturday events so stay tuned for that!

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  1. LateBloomer
    December 11, 2009

    I was out in temps like that for the first time on Dec. 10. The lack of glide surprized me; I had to skate away from every chair ramp. Do you notice that too; or do I have some sort of a board / wax problem? Anyway, it was cold and I have a couple of frostbite patches to prove it. Yeeouch!

  2. lee
    December 11, 2009

    If you have to skate you probably need to wax.when was the last time you did? I always do harder cold weather wax on my edges and maybe an all temp on the main part of the base. I’m from michigan so I’ve had some super cold days out there and this usually helps. Also if you feel like your board is grabbing look at the base. Is snow frozen to it? Was it in a warm car or room and then poof just out in the snow? Sometimes you’ll have snow frozen. On the bottom.

  3. December 11, 2009

    Argh, too bad about the visibility, but heck, at least you got SNOW!

    We’ve been kinda dry here in BC for the past week after having an awesome first couple of weeks of the season.