The journey to Silverton

24 Dec, 2009

Yesterday I left a snowy and busy Steamboat Springs to get a easy day of traveling for today on my first trip to Silverton, Colorado.  With a sleepover in Summit County and no ambition to spend this morning on the mountain, I was able to sleep in and hit the road when I had enough time to make it to Silverton before dark.

Before today I’ve never ventured to southern Colorado or even past Glenwood Springs/Aspen area so it was a great drive just to see parts of Colorado I’ve never been to.  The best part of the drive was heading into the mountain passes.  It reminded me of Washington except a bit sketchier.

Driving over Red Mountain Pass was insane and I can’t imagine it during a snowstorm since there’s no guardrails and a decent drop if you went off the road.  I went slow and enjoyed the views especially when I started seeing the abandoned mining shacks and areas off the highway.

Right before the sun was going down in the mountains, I made it to Silverton!  Definitely a quiet mountain town nestled in between high peaks and has that mining feel to it.  It feels good to leave the resort town life for something quieter this weekend, it really does remind me of Washington and living in the mountains.

I’m staying in Silverton with the Coleman family who own a home here and their “log cabin” is definitely on the nice scale for log cabins.  I’m stoked to have a bed and I get the window view.

Soon it’ll be Christmas day and a day on the slopes nearby shredding.  Silverton isn’t open till Saturday so we’re hoping to do the mountain then but not sure where I’ll be riding tomorrow.

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  1. gags
    December 28, 2009

    So stoked you got down here…we rode it a week ago and it was so fun…..what a great drive too!