A decade of Capita

04 Jan, 2010

I first heard about Capita Snowboards through word of mouth while I was working at a snowboard shop in Seattle and I took a chance by purchasing my first Capita without knowing how it rode or anything about it. I found out that I was supporting local snowboarders and when I needed help understanding their Freedom Groove mounting system, Blue Montgomery met me in the parking lot of Stevens Pass to mount my bindings to my new Capita snowboard so that I could spend that day on snow enjoying my new snowboard. It’s because of Blue that I continue to support Capita Snowboards and yes I even named my dog after the snowboard company. Blue created a lifelong customer out of me that day in the parking lot and I support them because of it. I applaud Capita for 10 years of hard work and compassion to snowboarders…it’s been great to see their journey and I can’t wait to see more of them in the future.

Years later, they have made their name, created a following and a brand that people continue to identify with. Their graphics are undeniably Capita and that’s what I love about them, is they do what they do without trying to figure out trends or patterns in snowboarding. It’s about being snowboarders enjoying the ride and making it with a splash of art along the way.

It’s great to see that Blue is still behind Capita and that word of mouth does influence people in snowboarding, Capita is the pure example of positive growth through words. It’s also because of one board that signifies what snowboarding is to me, no name on it and badass graphics…I still own that board to this day.

To commemorate their 10 years, Capita is putting out a limited hard bound book with gold edges that continues with their capita spin on snowboarding. Here’s a peak at the video and I can’t wait to see the 10-11 line later this month.

CAPiTA 2010-11 preview from tj schneider SNOWBOARD REALMS VI on Vimeo.

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  1. Andrew
    January 05, 2010

    I bought my first Capita last year and I don’t think I’ll buy anything other than a Capita ever again.

  2. lee
    January 05, 2010

    Been riding since the first year. To be able to call with a problem and get the actual people who run the company is awesome. Love the personality that comes with this brand. 10 yrs? Let’s look ahead to another 10!

  3. Brek Leines
    January 05, 2010

    I bought my first two this year. I love them! By far the lightest and most fun boards ive ever ridden!

    Keep it up!!!

  4. Dougg
    January 11, 2010

    Bought my first CAPiTA last year – the Horrorscope. Changed my life. After 20+ years of riding I now know what bliss feels like. Thank you CAPiTA!

  5. January 14, 2010

    Thanks for everything, Capita!