Bruizzapalooza Day 3

24 Jan, 2010

Today was the last and final day for Bruizzapalooza and finally the snow gods delivered to Steamboat!  I woke up at 7am, looked outside and saw a couple inches of new snow at my house which meant double that amount on the mountain.  By 8am, I was geared up and by 8:30am when the gondola began loading passengers we were headed up the mountain for some freshies.

Since it hadn’t snowed in Steamboat, the gondola lines were full of familiar faces and a lot of people ready for the new snow to finally hit.

Mike and myself in line

The new snow also brought in high winds on the mountain which kept Storm Peak closed for the day.  Our group talked on the gondola about where to ride and so Storm’s closing changed that for the day so we headed over to Pony Express and Bar-UE for the day.  Conditions were low visibility, cold but some deep snow in spots with some windpacked nothing in spots.

Lone tracks ahead

I focused on riding and enjoying the conditions without taking a lot of photos but I did get some clips on video throughout the day.

One of my favorite runs was with Erik from sierrasnowboard, it was just ideal for riding through the trees and good powder with barely any lines in front of ours.  I stopped ahead of him and captured him coming down through the powder.

Erik’s steamboat powder run 1/24/10 from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

Zoe enjoying the deep powder

I also caught JR and Zoe coming down through the trees, including a good fall from Zoe in the powder.

JR and Zoe’s powder turns at Steamboat 1/23/10 from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

Ran into Scott and Chris on the mountain and followed them for a run.  Here’s a shot of Scott getting some powder time in.

With such a fun powder morning, I was planning to call it a day when we went to the base of the mountain after lunch but ended up sticking around to lap park & pipe with some of the other riders.  I definitely felt it on my legs and mostly took it easy (not trying anything new).

Keith on the S box

I was a bit nervous when Andreas said he wanted to ride the log features in the big park but he ended up stomping them with no problem!  I unfortunately didn’t aim the camera high enough for it but I still captured it on video.

Andreas on the up-log in Steamboat from Shayboarder on Vimeo.

At the end of the day I noticed the Burton reps Love boards on the right and left with the 2011 graphics and figured I’d snap a shot to pass on.  Soon all the photos will be out if they haven’t already for 2011.

Bummed that Bruizzapalooza is over but it was definitely a fun time meeting people from the community and shredding the mountain with some new snow today!  Thanks to Sierra Snowboard for welcoming me to the event and for putting on such a fun time!  Also I was able to get a couple sierra boards to giveaway so stay tuned!

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  1. January 25, 2010

    looks like a sick day at the mountain!! hoping for some powder like that over here in eastern Washington soon!

  2. January 26, 2010


    Definitely sick day on the mountain…glad winter finally came back to steamboat! Hoping you get some soon!

  3. Kimchi
    January 26, 2010

    Shay, it was great meeting you. Hope things are well for you!

  4. Tracey
    January 26, 2010

    Hey Shay, you gonna be at the Stevens Pass, WA meetup?

  5. Zoe
    January 26, 2010

    Yeaaaa such an awesome day 🙂 thanks again for taking us out that was a blast. I hope you enjoyed my bails as much as I did heh. 🙂 I’m already looking forward to my next CO visit 😉

  6. Geoff
    February 01, 2010

    Hey Shay, how tall are you? i saw your reviews on the kr3w lumberjack but still worried i’d buy the wrong size. Did you get the lumberjack in a small? medium? hit me up and my worries will be no more =)