Checking in with Hannah Teter

29 Jan, 2010

At age 23, Hannah Teter has quite the track record for snowboarding and humanity. She’s already won a Gold Medal in the 2006 Olympics and her ventures have taken her into the public eye with appearances on late night television, her own Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor and she continues her charity work to make the world a better place outside of snowboarding. To celebrate her accomplishments and find out more about her goals for the upcoming Olympics I recently interviewed Hannah and gave-away a free snowboard for a winning question, now it’s time to find out the answers.

Shay: After taking home the Gold Medal at the 2006 Olympics and now trying to win Gold at the 2010 Olympics, how has your riding progressed in the past 4 years and what has been most beneficial to your riding?
Hannah: I’ve had a couple injuries that kept me from really taking it to the next level right after the Olympics. I’ve been training and riding hard this year and last though, and have been doing pretty well. I’m hoping to carry that momentum into the Olympics next month.

Shay: What’s going through your head those last seconds before you drop into a halfpipe competition?
Hannah: I try to stay focused on the run I’m going to do and play it out in my head before I drop in.

Shay: You’ve endured some injuries during competition, how do you handle injuries and coming back to competitions after recovering?
Hannah: It’s a lot of work coming back from an injury. You’ve got to rehab the part that was hurt and then rehab your mind to know that it’s better, so you can get back to where you were, and then be better than before the injury. I do a lot of resistance training and rehab to strengthen areas, which gets me strong quick.

Shay: What steps would you recommend to snowboarders wanting to be more eco friendly and help out the world more?
Hannah: I’d say advice for anyone is to be thankful for what you have and don’t be wasteful. Steps would be to start paying attention to how much you waste every day. Take steps to start using less of what you don’t need. Don’t buy disposable anything if you can help it. Just start being aware of the actions you mindlessly take for granted every day and work on being mindful. You’ll probably realize that you need less junk in your life.

Shay: At 23 years old, you’ve accomplished so much with your snowboarding and charity work. Where do you think you’d be if you never stepped on a snowboard?
Hannah: I’d probably be a veterinarian or own a health food store.


Maggie: What is your normal morning routine to get you pumped up for a day of riding?
Hannah: I usually get up, do some yoga, play my dijereedoo and maybe grab an Amp Energy Juice. Those things are tasty and 100% juice.

Shay:  Thanks to Hannah for taking the time to answer the questions and do such a fun giveaway!  Congratulations to Maggie on her winning question.

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  1. jb
    February 02, 2010

    That answer is pure gold!

    Hannah: I usually get up, do some yoga, play my dijereedoo and maybe grab an Amp Energy Juice. Those things are tasty and 100% juice.